Contest Update and Next book release! (Sort of kind of)

Alright alright!  I see we have a problem here!!!

SOOOO, when I did the Jane contest, I had 76 entries!!!! 76!!!! Wowsa.

So far with the review contest, which is roughly a week old, I have – ZERO entries.

Getting reviews is one of the hardest things in the world.  Every review of my work on amazon or goodreads equals eyeballs on the releases!

So please, if you have read anything and finished it, please please please take a minute to leave a review!

Now, as for the next book release!

I am currently re-editing and plotting a re-release of The Fence.  After getting some feedback from some fellow authors (thank you all!), the best course of action is to begin to put some high quality stuff out, and in this case, I wanted to package The Fence better.

So The Fence will become Frostbitten: 12 Hymns of Misery.  This will package For Balder Walks (which was only available as a stand alone story before) with the 11 stories from the Fence.  I have worked with the original cover designer of For Balder Walks to update it and have included it below!

I am looking at having a July 1st release date, followed by the second batch of short stories (Left Hand Path) out in August.  Left Hand Path is completed, I am just waiting on artwork.

I will be also re-releasing my first novel Invincible.  A lot of this is for ease of ordering for those interested!

So once Frostbitten is released, The Fence and For Balder will cease to exist as available ebooks or physical copies, so if you own either now, you have a collectors item!

I will have an update on the next wave of Kids Adventure stuff hopefully this week as well!




0 - Frostbitten 5x7 V3


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