Free ebook day 1!

Hey guys! Each day this week, one of my releases is free through Amazon! Today’s free book is my sci-fi/horror novella Jane: the 816 Chronicles!


Hope. What lengths would you go to, when all you have is hope? For Jane, known medically as 816, that is all she has. She hopes to be free one day, free from the torture, the captivity and the loneliness. She wants to be free, with her best friend Penny, known medically as 815, experiencing life outside of their caged walls.

Jane: The 816 Chronicles is a story about ‘a being’ discovering the world and people around her. A being discovering that sometimes situations and people are completely outside of her control, but still doing their best to look towards the positive, even when it becomes apparent, that what you see, isn’t always what you get.

Please snag it today while it is free!

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