One Week!

Happy Friday friends!

Today’s blog is brought to you by the one week countdown until The Girl Who Hid in the Trees unleashes!!!  (Technically it drops next Thursday but… oh well!)

This week has been a fantastic showing of love for the book, which I wasn’t expecting at all!  Even though I’m a member of the Kendall Review team and consider Gavin a good friend, I had no idea that not one but TWO reviews of TGWHitT was going to be featured!

Interview #1 by Miranda!

Interview #2 by D.K!

Blown away!

Recently Becca also featured TGWHitT as well!

How amazing is that!  They all gave some great feedback!

I tweeted about what I was going to be featuring here this week, so I’m going to stick to the script!

How are pre-orders going?

A-MAHHHH-ZING!  I’m shocked!  We in the indie horror game typically don’t talk/discuss/reveal numbers of sales.  But I like to be up front with you all and keep you abreast!  I have the book listed for $2.99, which is where I like to price all my Novellas.  I find it’s a very nice, non-aggressive number!  Less than a cup of coffee some say!

Anyways, from that $2.99 I get $2.07 from each sale.  If you recall, all proceeds from this release are going to my good friend and fellow author Justin M. Woodward mom and her battle against cancer.  This morning we hit 40 pre sales!!!!  I’m so excited!  Truthfully, even if you ordered my book simply to support them, that’s so greatly appreciated!!!

If you haven’t here is the US Amazon link!

As for paperbacks – they’ve been formatted, and will officially be out for the release date, but if you’re a keen shopper/book type person, you may be able to find them already… hint hint.

I also dropped by Kendall Reviews for another follow up interview!

What I’m working on;

No real updates here.

The Stranger – copy edits happening now, out with a sensitive reader for beta-reading

Ritual – 75% done rewrites

What I’m reading;


Reading four books right now!

  • The Dark Game – Jonathan Janz.  So, so good!
  • A God in the Shed – J-F Dubeau.  Simply stunning!
  • Crow Shine – Alan Baxter.  This is a short story collection and each story so far has been so good!
  • Beyond the Black Gate – Joseph Sale.  I’m beta-reading this for an April release and I’m actually doing my second read through.  Sale is amazing!

Tactful review responses;

I just wanted to share a quick story here about reviews.  Every single review is a gift.  Someone has read your work and either loved it, hated it or was disinterested.  Every response is OK.  Last year I gave an author a two star review and a no star review (same author of both.)  They messaged me and thanked me for the constructive criticism.

When I released Left Hand Path, I was proud of it.  I loved the stories.  Unfortunately the editing SUCKED!  A few 1 and 2 star reviews brought this too my attention.  I thanked the people, unpublished it, had someone re-edit it and re-released it.

That is how 1 and 2 star reviews can help authors become better!

I always thank people for their reviews.  As many people say – “reviews are for readers not authors,” but in some cases they can help us be better!

New Kendall Reviews Monthly Column;

As you all know, I’m a member of the Kendall Reviews review team.  I submit probably 95% of my reviews there for featuring.  After chatting with Gavin, we’ve come up with an idea for me to do a monthly column that’s essentially a music playlist from what I’ve been listening too during my writing sessions.  I feature stuff here each week, but that will be completely separate and don’t expect crossover.  I’ll do my best to keep things fresh!

Tentative column title – “Tunes From the Crypt.”

Which brings me to what I’m currently listening too!

This last few weeks have seen me focusing on a few projects, and as you know, I like my releases bleak and sad.  So that’s typically reflected in what I’m jamming with.

First up is a band that I’ve had the pleasure of seeing and meeting!

Gojira.  They recently released a professional, full length concert performance and it crushes!

I have another live video for you as well!

God Seed – Sign of an Open Eye/Awake

God Seed rose from the ashes of the Gorgoroth name dispute to release an amazing studio album as well as a live album.  This performance always makes me want to live in a cave and drink from a skull.


Type O Negative – In Praise of Bacchus

Now if you’re thinking about sad, depressing but phenomenal music, Type O Negative is usually at the top of the list.  In Praise of Bacchus is probably my favourite TON song.


Solstafir – Fjara

I’m new to the Solstafir world, but these guys are just haunting.  Hailing from Iceland, they started as a black metal outfit before morphing into this post-rock atmospheric sorrow band.  Stunning.  Love it.



What’s up in life!?

Things are super busy, as it always is for all of us.  Auryn has been enjoying his soccer sessions and over the last few days he’s started to count to five on his own and identify so many colors and vehicles.  Its so awesome to see!

We also have a dog that we love dearly, OJ and we’re both probably guilty of us not sharing his photos enough!

OJ is turning 9 in October.  He’s an American Bulldog who we adopted and we love him too pieces.  He suffered a spinal stroke about 6 years ago.  He jumped off our bed and ruptured his spine losing the ability to use his back legs.  We did extensive rehab with him to get him walking again!  His only real side effect that he has is the loss of the ability to jump high and a constant shake if he stands for any period of time!  His resilience during his recovery was so inspiring and his trips to aqua therapy and his time in the pool became a thing of legend!

20190221_185702 Sorry for the blurry photo but he was licking me like crazy!

That’s it for this week!

Thanks as always for checking this blog out!


2 thoughts on “One Week!

  1. Steve, your blog posts are always so energetic and fun. I’m glad The Girl Who Hid in the Trees is getting so much love already. I’m happy to have had the opportunity to give it a read and review. Congratulations on the pre-sales!! Donating the pre-sales money to Justin’s mom for her cancer treatment is wonderful. You’ve got a heart of gold.


  2. Reblogged this on mjthebibliophile and commented:
    Steve’s blog posts are energetic and fun. Here he talks about his family and dog, what he’s been reading, writing, and listening to, and his newest novella, The Girl Who Hid in the Trees, which he is donating all the money from his pre-sales to his friend’s mom’s cancer treatment. If you’re not familiar with Steve’s work yet, here’s a great place to begin.


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