Release Day!


Today is the official release day for my new coming-of-age, urban legend novella The Girl Who Hid in the Trees!!  This is my 8th release (not counting my kids stuff) and I feel like I’m really truly hitting my stride.

I am so excited.  This one was a story that struck me in the head and I threw it down quickly.  That might explain why most people can read it in about an hour!

Haven’t snagged it yet!

US Link (ebook and paperback available!)

I stretched out the pre-orders a bit longer than normal for this one, as I wanted to try a few different things to promote it and so far it looks like it worked!

One thing I did was offering up the free four story PDF.  Haven’t snagged that?  It’s right here!

To everyone who already snagged both, thank you so much!

If you want to see what folks are thinking about the release so far, head here;

So welcome to the world officially, The Girl Who Hid in the Trees.

May you bring joy and terror to all who it you!


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