The Day After

Happy March 1st, 2019!

Now that 60 days of January are over we get on with our best year ever right!??

Yesterday was such a fantastic day.


Because The Girl Who Hid in the Trees officially came out!

When I first announced the release and then had it up for pre-release sooo far in advance, I had specific marketing intentions.  I think they worked out pleasantly, but along the way some other things occurred and frankly it made me thankful that I had a buffer built in.

To everyone who pre-ordered it, snagged a copy yesterday, liked, shared, retweeted or messaged – THANK YOU!!!

If you haven’t snagged it yet… well here’s the Amazon US link! 🙂

As I had stated early on – after my friend Justin M. Woodward revealed his mom was battling cancer – that all pre-order proceeds would go directly to their Go Fund Me.  I have already donated an initial amount, but will take a look tomorrow and top up anything above and beyond!

If you’re interested in reading about the Go Fund Me or simply want to donate directly, please click the link!

As part of the promo for The Girl Who Hid in the Trees I stopped by Kendall Reviews and talked about Why I Write Horror!

Gavin from Kendall Reviews (who also did the stunning foreword for the release) also kindly interviewed me on all things going on!

Take a look here;

And lastly!!! on the Kendall Reviews train, you can still go snag my FREE PDF of Four Dark Tales!

Now – let’s take a look at my usual blog stuff shall we!

What I’m working on;

The Stranger – I’ve received my copy-edits back from David Sodergren.  I’m awaiting feedback from my sensitive/indigenous reader to ensure the story line/bigotry aspect was done tastefully and I’m awaiting cover art!

In the mean time, Sodergren (author of The Forgotten Island; is currently up in the Scottish Highlands, and sent along this pic – which really grabs the feeling of The Stranger.


Thanks for letting me share, mate!

Ritual – I just received the cover art for this and seriously, Mason McDonald absolutely killed it again.  We have this amazing connection where he knows exactly what I’m looking for!  This is a planned October release but I’ll probably be sharing the cover long before then!

Lastly, March will feature my first guest column for Tunes from the Crypt.  So keep your eyes wide open for that!

What I’m Reading;

Currently I’m about 50% through The Dark Game by Jonathan Janz

I’m about to start Train Thoughts by Jay Sigler

And starting the short story collection Little Black Spots by John F.D. Taff

What I’ve Reviewed;

I just finished both A God in the Shed and Crow Shine – so these reviews will be released soonish!

Otherwise here are my two most recent reviews over on Kendall Reviews!

As always – all of my featured reviews can be found under the menu tab – Kendall Reviews

What Music I’m Playing;

This has been a short week for me, which I’ll chat about in the next section.  But for music this week, it’s been hard and heavy.

Misery Index – New Salem

I’m a big Misery Index fan, and this new tune crushes.  The last few albums had a few production sound issues, but the new one so far sounds like they’ve returned to the massive wall of noise that they’re know for!


Faith No More – Pristina

I saw author Chad Lutzke talking about his love of Faith No More the other day, so I revisited them a bit this week.  I’m a decent fan but there’s a number of songs I can take or leave and at times Patton’s vocals become an annoying nasal sound that just makes me cringe.  But when they’re on – unbelievable band.  Pristina, the last track on their album ‘Album of the Year’ is my fav FNM track.


Dissection – Starless Aeon

Working on the bleak, dark tale of Ritual, I’ve been listening to a lot of Dissection lately.  This band is notorious for a number of reasons (just google them) but a Coles Notes breakdown; formed by Jon Nodtveldt in 1989 in Sweden.  Jon had extreme views.  Killed a guy, went to jail, released from jail.  Along the way formed Dissection which released a few classic black metal albums.  After being released from jail he reformed Dissection in 2004, but then in 2006 killed himself at the age of 31.  Say what you will about some of his views and his beliefs (I warned you – extreme), the music has lived on and frankly Dissection is one of the few bands whose music and sound legitimately creep me out.


Kampfar – Gloria Ablaze

Kampfar is a Norwegian black metal band and boy are they ragers.  Love their Profan album and this is the first song from it.  I always love when a black metal band is able to be so musical and really drive the emotions within the song.


Architects – Hereafter

This isn’t a song I’d ever believe I would enjoy.  I saw Architects twice on tour randomly, when they were opening for bands and wasn’t a big fan of their metalcore.  This new song though I find pretty catchy and enjoyable.  Sometimes with metal, I just need simple and this filled that nicely.


In closing, What’s Up?;

Welp, here we are at the end of the weekly blog and this is where I usually discuss what’s up in life.  This week wasn’t a fun one.  Last weekend we went to my wife’s cousin’s daughters first birthday party.  Auryn had fun and it was nice seeing my wife’s Grandma and Uncle.  Then on Sunday, Auryn had his last indoor soccer session.  We’ve re-enrolled him into outdoor soccer starting in May so that’ll be fun.  He’s been hit or miss at these soccer sessions.  They’re designed to help little kids start to learn to follow tasks and develop skills.  Over the previous 5 sessions, Auryn would do some stuff and then not do other things.  This class was different.  He was engaged and following the teachers instructions and having fun.  Then about half way through the session he started to lay down a lot and began to get me to carry him.  By the very end of the session he was just done.

Then the puking began.  Poor guy was sick all of Sunday night.  By Monday morning he’d rebounded and was good to go.

Not mom and dad though.  I woke up Tuesday morning at about four in the morning and didn’t feel right.  I went to work and was there for a half hour and called it a day.

Then mom and dad dealt with having the flu while Auryn ran around with his normal energy.  Was a fun time haha!

So I missed two days of work this week and was pretty much phoning it in yesterday, having no energy and not able to really function.

Today though!  Night and day difference.  I feel fantastic!

So back at the start of the week, thanks for everyone’s kind words!

So there you have it. Another week, another blog and once again, thanks for all of your support!


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