It’s Only Been a Week?

Friday!  We made it!  Just barely right?

Hope you’re all doing well.  We’re under a snow fall warning today in Edmonton.  Received 5 cms of snow over night and supposed to get another 5-6 this morning.  At least its warmed up to -10 Celsius!

So, I got a couple things to run through today quickly!  The first is – it’s only been a week since The Girl Who Hid in the Trees came out!!?? Only a week!  What the heck.  I thought it was about a month ago already haha!  The response has been so awesome!

If you were one of the kind folks who read it for review before the release date, I’d really love it if you could take a few minutes and post your reviews on Amazon/Bookbub etc!!

If you haven’t snagged it yet;


Secondly – I actually have a NEW paperback out!  Surprising right haha!  It’s nothing I’ve announced or anything, it’s more to help my friend Rob Derman out once again.

Dim the Sun, which was an ebook only release initially, is now available in physical form!


As you may have heard, the Calgary sliding track appears to be closing forever.  For more info, click the link;

This is where Rob has relocated to train and with it closing he has some tough decisions to make.  Move to Whistler?  Move to Park City, Utah or to Lake Placid to slide and train.  Train in Calgary and commute to Whistler to slide?  Lots of very tough choices.

Dim the Sun was released as a way to raise some funds for him – and it’s done OK.  I think part of that is it’s a poetry collection, which doesn’t interest everyone, and partly because it was only digital.  So I’ve now made it a physical release, so here’s hoping it gets some love!

Keep watching this space as we’re figuring out a time to get together and sign some releases.  We’ll have 5 only with both of our signatures and will then be offered up to raise funds for Rob.

What I’m Reading;

Train Thoughts – Jay Sigler.  Really digging this one so far.

Then It Fell Apart – Moby.  Love his music, hearing the backstories from when Play was released has been awesome.

The Dark Game – Jonathan Janz.  Feel like I’ve been reading this forever, but not in a bad way.  Stunning.


Normally this is where I’d give you some links to what I’ve recently reviewed.  Switching it up a bit.  Recently I’ve been contacted by a few folks about reviewing their work and it was mentioned I don’t have a “review policy” section on here.  So now I do!

What I’m Jamming;

I think most people know that this week Keith Flint, one of the members of The Prodigy tragically took his own life.  The Prodigy has been one of my fav bands since I first discovered them back when Fat of the Land came out.  So naturally I’ve been jamming them a bunch.  While their song ‘Wild Frontier’ is my fav The Prodigy song, I wanted to share two others.  The first, is of course, the song that arguably turned them and Flint into mega-stars.



The second, I’d call my second fav The Prodigy song.



I’ve been jamming a few other bands a bunch lately as well.

Lamb of God – Blacken the Cursed Son.

I think I’ve seen LoG 5 or 6 times now, and had the pleasure of working crowd-control for them at an in-store signing back in the day at Scrape Records in Vancouver.  ‘Ashes of the Wake’ came out 15 years ago and I’ve been crushing that album almost daily.  But I’ve been listening to the follow-up ‘Sacrament’ just as much.  This is my fav song on that album, and watching it performed live is an experience.


Amon Amarth – Runes to My Memory

Another fantastic band that I’ve been listening to a bunch lately has been Amon Amarth, and more specifically their ‘With Oden on My Side’ album.  I met Johan the singer at a meet and greet, also at Scrape and showed him my Runes to My Memory tattoo.  He couldn’t believe it and I was very humbled with his gratitude.  I’ve only seen them live I think three times, but I need to see them a bunch more!


In Closing;

Normally I’d also talk about what I’m working on and what’s up in life, but nothings really changed there!  I have about four projects I’m working on, as well as I’ve just started gathering bits and pieces towards another poetry collection.

Life has been hectic with a growing toddler.  Can’t wait for Spring and getting outside more!  Maybe by then I’ll have finally kicked this lingering cold or whatever I’m constantly battling.

I’ll be doing a few contests coming up as well, so keep your ears to the ground for that, and soon my first column of Tunes From the Crypt will be unleashed on Kendall Reviews!


I would be a total self-adsorbed douche if I didn’t mention that it was International Women’s Day!  On top of this, yesterday was also World Book Day.  So go buy some books from your fav Women Authors and support some fabulous artists!


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