April comes to an end!

Hello, and holy hell, I feel like I’ve been gone away forever.

Between the conference in Vancouver, Easter and working at clinic, my blogging efforts sure have sucked!

So here we go!

The one beauty of April ending is that May arrives and that means the start of Pyper-May-Nia!!!

I’ll be reading all of Andrew Pyper’s works I’ve yet to read and will also have a feature interview with the man himself!

I’m starting with his latest The Homecoming, which I’ve been saving for a special occasion!

Don’t have it yet;


Moving on – The Stranger.

My next release will see the light of day in 5 weeks!  Wahoo!

I’ve already been blessed to receive three pre-release reviews over on Goodreads and so far it looks like folks are liking the tale!

Take a look here;


I’ve also had a really good response to a Hardcover version.  I’ve actually just ordered the first 15!!!  OH MY GOD.  I’ll be in touch with the first group of folks and get the back end sorted.  It’s going to look gorgeous.

I’ll have a neat surprise as well, so watch for that.

What I’m Working on;

The Stranger – honestly a good portion of my most recent time has been spent on The Stranger.  Formatting the ebook, the paperback and the hardcover.  Being an indie author can be a lot of work at times, and this book, which I love to bits and pieces, has probably been the most demanding one yet.  Worth it!

Ritual – I’ve talked briefly about this one already, but this is my expected October release.  I’m still grinding away on it and am about 75% through it now for the last go through.

I’ve also put down 15,000 words on my first release of 2020 and am working through last go through of my second release of 2020.  Exciting stuff!

What I’m Listening to;

This should come as no surprise, but I’ve been jamming the new Darkthrone tune like crazy.  Chadwick St. John did the artwork for The Stranger, and he’s also done the artwork for Darkthrone’s next release.

Darkthrone – The Hardship of the Scots


Abbath – Harvest Pyre

Former Immortal front man Abbath has returned to unleash the newest song from his next release.  Harvest Pyre is an amazing piece of black metal.


Dark Funeral – Unchain My Soul

Really been digging Dark Funeral lately and this is a fun song from their last album.


Solstafir – Silfur-Refur

I’ve posted about Solstafir before, but my god they are stunning.  This Icelandic group, to me at least, has the atmospheric feel of Pink Floyd.  They create so much emotion through their music.  Just phenomenal.


That’s it for me this week.  I’m going to skip the ‘What I’m reading” section for now.  I’m swamped and have no time!

In closing, have you seen this amazing contest?

Life (And Death) In Reverse: Chris Sorensen on writing The Messy Man Trilogy. (Plus an exciting competition!)

Kendall Reviews in conjunction with Chris Sorensen are having a contest where you could be a character in his newest book!

Really very cool.

Cheers, friends.


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