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Friday has arrived.  And what a week it’s been, friends!

I couldn’t think of anything witty to title this post so you can call it whatever you damn well want! 🙂

This week will be a quick one.

1st – Good news!

As you may have saw, I received my very first acceptance email this week.  I’d stopped submitting anything a bit ago.  Occasionally I’d throw something out there, a poem, something to Unnerving, Flame Tree Press, but for the most part, I really just stopped submitting.  Not because I didn’t think my work was good enough, I stopped because I wanted to focus on writing and getting my stuff prepped for release.

Well, I’m proud to say that two of my short stories will be featured in 100 Word Horrors Volume 3 from Kevin J. Kennedy.  Really proud of this moment.

2nd – What I’m working on.

  • Ritual – almost completely done.  Review copies will be ready soon!
  • Piece of Me – coming along

3rd – Music.

This week I’ll do another round of songs that have inspired my writing.  Last weeks seemed to really click with folks.

Gallows – The Riverbank

This song was a big inspiration behind the story Tossers from Left Hand Path.  I love this Gallows album, but find the rest of their output hit or miss.


Stone Temple Pilots – Crackerman

This song is one of my fav STP jams and helped inspire some of the main character for 17 Hours, also from Left Hand Path.


Six Feet Under – Beneath a Black Sky

I know SFU has a ton of haters, but they are one of my fav bands and their first album Haunted is directly responsible for my love of death metal/black metal.  The simplistic approach they took on this album, more rock than blast helped my young mind grasp it all.  Beneath a Black Sky features a bit in my novel Invisible but also big time in the two story pack of The Fence (from Frostbitten) and James (from Left Hand Path).


Amon Amarth – Thousand Years of Oppression

Another epic song and one of my fav AA tunes, this story really inspired the story Old Man from Frostbitten.  The lyrics in this song are emotional, but really the title, the alluding to someone just being stuck for centuries made me think of this creepy old man who just sat like a statue.


Kalmankantaja – Waldeinsamkeit

For Balder Walks was my first officially released story.  I love the story and it came from the German word ‘Waldeinsamkeit’ which loosely translates to ‘alone in the woods.’

If there was one word that described my writing and my themes, Waldeinsamkeit would be pretty accurate.  I came across this album as I began to write the story and contacted the band who allowed me to pair the story with the album.  Ideally, for the most heightened experience reading For Balder Walks, you’d have this album playing in the background.

The artwork for the album was a big inspiration as well.  The artist really conveys my feelings towards the ‘being alone in the woods’ theme.


That’s it, that’s all for this week!

Take care my friends!

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