See you soon…ish!

Hey all!  Happy first day of Summer!

Not to start off this blog with a bummer… but this will be my last blog post until Friday July 12th.

Next week I’ll be heading out, back to where I grew up, to attend my Grandpa’s memorial.  Then I have a week off of work.  So no blog post on June 28th or on July 5th.  I’ll still be active-ish on social media, depending on connectivity, but for blog posts – it will return on the 12th.

If you haven’t seen – I’ve teamed up with Gavin over at Kendall Reviews to give away a paperback of ‘Let’s Go Play At the Adams” this weekend.

Enter here;

{Giveaway} Your chance to win the controversial Let’s Go Play At The Adams

I was going to give away another copy of my collection Dim the Sun but I’ll hold off until next week to do that, as I don’t want to create any confusion!

I’m steadily working on stuff, reading stuff and keep your eyes open for some announcements soon!

I’ll finish this briefer blog post with some tunes I’m digging!

This week will be all hardcore/metal core bands.

The Ghost Inside – With the Wolves

This tune kicks serious ass.  I shared their album before – but this song is a stand out and just a head banger.


Wolf Down – Stray From the Path

I really, really loved this album, but found after the singer change and the bigger focus on anarchy from the band, I lost touch.  But this song is fantastic.


Deez Nuts – Stay True

Don’t let the jokey name fool you, JJ and Deez Nuts crush it.  One of my fav bands and this song keeps me focused and grounded on the tasks before me.  Saw them live in Vancouver and they crushed.


Terror – Keepers of the Faith

Of course, finishing with some fantastic Terror.  Seen them live twice and they were awesome.


Alright, that’s it – that’s all!

Stay true.


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