The Night Crawls In Preview!


Hello my FRIENDS! It’s FrIdAy!! Which means a new blog post!

This ones a goodie!

As previously announced – I’ve partnered with the fantastic crew over at the Ladies of Horror Fiction to facilitate the first annual LOHF GRANT!

Applications are open and for full details (why I decided to do this and partnering with them and funding and blah blah) click the link!

2019 LOHF Writers Grant

To help offset the first grants awarding – I’m releasing a new collection of Poetry & Drabbles (exactly 100 word stories) called “The Night Crawls In” if you haven’t seen the cover yet – here it is!

The Night Crawls In

Preorder links are live and we currently have 10 preorders! The release will come out September 1st!





Proceeds: all proceeds from the preorders will go towards funding the first grant. All sales after and in the future (including the physical copies) will go towards future grants!

The artwork was once again done by Mason McDonald, a great friend but also my usual cover artist!

NOW! How about I share the title drabble with you all?!!

The Night Crawls In. (A Drabble)

 The path rolled its way through the trees.  The branches overhead worked to create a claustrophobic enclosure.  If you listened close enough you would swear you could hear the sun yelling to be let in.

A thin sheen of sweat had developed on Casey’s forehead.  He’d slowed considerably the further he’d dragged his body along.

He’d stopped looking back at the trail of blood and flesh travelling behind him a few hours back.

He focused on the farmhouse, now only a hundred feet away.  He couldn’t wipe the sting from his eyes anymore.

The wolf kept pace, ready to pounce.


Hope that gets you interested! The collection will contain 33 drabbles and 17 poems!

Now I’ve had a few folks ask what they could do to get involved and help out. The response has been amazing and I’m so happy to see the horror community jump on this!

So how you can help;

  • Obviously pre-order! If you don’t read ebooks, the physical book will be available for September 1st and all first day sales will also go towards the initial grant.
  • Like any posts, share any posts, DM people you think would want to read this stuff
  • Tag authors you think would be interested in applying! I don’t know the number of applicants so far but I do know that there are already some applications and that’s amazing!
  • Do you have a blog and want to host a drabble or poem? Let me know! Message me here or DM on any of my socials! Gavin at Kendall Reviews and Mike at High Fever Books have already been kind enough to jump on board and offer up a post!

Now other business –


Today is the last day to snag a copy of Wagon Buddy, Jane: the 816 Chronicles or Left Hand Path: 13 more tales of black magick. A few weeks back I had YURI, Invisible and Frostbitten: 12 Hymns of Misery up as freebies as well.

It’s interesting to see the difference between the volume of downloads. Granted I typically offer up Invisible, Jane, Frostbitten and Left Hand Path as my most common freebies. I think those are good entry points into my catalog. This time I’ve decided to add two I usually don’t; YURI in round one and for the first time Wagon Buddy. I don’t believe I’ve ever offered Wagon Buddy before as a freebie and it shows.

For the first freebie – over the three days there were 352 downloads – 250 of those were YURI. Here’s hoping I can get 5-10 reviews from that.

So far – and it’s early on day two – there’s been 125 downloads – 100 of those have been Wagon Buddy. If I can get another 50 today, it’d be great to get another 5 reviews from that.

I’m going to skip over what I’m working on, as I’ve been sharing that a bunch lately and there isn’t much of an update. I submitted two short stories recently to two amazing places, so we’ll see how those fall. I received a rejection recently for a three hundred word piece of flash fiction, so that’ll see the light of day here at some point!


Kendall Reviews just featured the 5th edition of my Tunes From the Crypt. This was a soundtrack edition and the feedback’s been great. If you missed it;

{Feature} Steve Stred’s Tunes From The Crypt #5 – Soundtrack Edition

As for what I’m jamming;

Fit For An Autopsy – Mirrors

The new song from FFAA is devastating in the best way possible!


Fit For An Autopsy – Black Mammoth

Another tune from these guys!


The Interrupters – She Got Arrested

I’ve been doing a daily music post of Twitter and this was yesterdays. Love this album and this band. They are in Edmonton in October and I’ll try to get out and see them!


Stone Temple Pilots – Atlanta (Live)

Another of my Twitter music posts recently. This is one of my fav STP songs and hearing it performed live here gives me shivers. RIP Scott.


Well that’s all for now! It’s a long weekend up here in Alberta so I got Monday off! Not sure what our plans are but here’s hoping we get decent weather!


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