Some things about stuff!

Hey friends! God, I suck at trying to think about what to title these posts! How lame would they be if it was just August 9th, 2019.



This week’s a usual post of stuff. So let’s dive in!


I haven’t done a what’s been going on bit here for a few weeks at least. So, last night we had a massive thunderstorm over our house. LIKE DIRECTLY OVER OUR HOUSE.

Power went out for about thirty minutes.

Auryn starts playschool (which is essentially pre-preschool) in September and good grief does that blow my mind. To think he’ll be three in a few weeks just isn’t rational in my brain.

Overall, we haven’t been getting up to much. Hoping to hit the zoo here again one of these weekends! How’s your summer been?

LOHF Writer’s Grant:

I’ll be plugging this until the 1st of September when the deadline closes for applications! But seriously – I’ve heard the response has been amazing. If you haven’t yet, please apply!

For full details;

2019 LOHF Writers Grant

As, I’ve said – I’m launching The Night Crawls In to help fund this thing. Pre-orders have dried up completely. So if you haven’t yet – I’d love it if you would order it. Links are in the collections tab on my page here!

All pre-orders go towards funding year one. Every sale after goes to funding year two!

What I’m Reading;

FOE – Iain Reid. You may have seen my post about finding this book at Dollarama. Brand new hardcover for $3. I couldn’t leave it behind. This book has been on my list for some time. Well I finally started reading it and WOW!!! I’m about 75% in and so much is done with so little. I highly recommend you check this out.

Dead Aware: A Zombie Journey – Eleanor Merry.  If you’ve been reading any of my reviews, you’re probably aware of my personal distancing from anything Zombie related. I find the genre to be over saturated and I typically won’t seek out a Zombie book if I don’t have too. Saying that – I know just how friggin’ hard it can be to get your first book reviewed/featured and even harder when you are a female horror writer. I connected with Eleanor over on Books of Horror on Facebook. When she was looking for some reviewers for her first book, RJ Roles tagged me in her post and I readily agreed. So far so good. It’s a really nice take on the Zombie trope and while some similarities have to creep in from other books/TV shows etc, Merry’s voice shines through. If you are a reviewer, I’d love for you to reach out to Merry if you can fit it in. It comes out on the 23rd and the book can be read in a single sitting. I would have finished it in sitting #2 last night if it wasn’t for that storm, I would’ve finished it last night.

Ugly as Sin – James Newman.  Uhhhh a story about an ex-professional wrestler who has to help his daughter out. Yes please!

Flora & Jim – BP Gregory. I’ve only made it about 15% into this story, but so far it’s super intriguing. A bit post-apocalyptic, but the snow aspect always is enticing for me!

Dead Mountain – Donnie Eichar. I should’ve had this finished like a month ago, but I’ve been reading one or two chapters a night after my main reads. The retracing of the expedition is outstanding. This will easily be put into my top 10 all time fav non-fiction reads.

Books of Blood Vol 1 – Clive Barker. Yup, I have 6 books on the go. I’ve been trying to read one story a week from this tome, but lately have let it slip. The stories are absolutely outstanding, so I should get through 2-3 more stories this weekend.

This weeks tunes!

This week I’ve been listening to a bunch of hardcore and heavier stuff. Actually, that’s every week, but this week I’ve been wanting to listen to stuff that’s just full on throat punching heavy.

Kublai Khan – The Hammer

You want heavy? Look no further than Texas based Kublai Khan. Good lord do they make my rib cage thrum.


Betraying the Martyrs – Parasite

The new BtM song is a nice, quick slab of thick metal. These dudes recently suffered a fire that destroyed their equipment trailer. Not a fun thing to see! Glad no one was hurt.


Devildriver – Clouds Over California

Devildriver is a go to band for me for metallic, heavy-groove. They have a few misses in their catalog of releases, but when they hit, there’s no one better at getting the head banging and the wind-mills chopping.


Deez Nuts – Binge/Purgatory

Deez Nuts has been one of my fav hardcore bands since I saw them live. The name is misleading, as there’s no joking around here. They deliver time and time again.


Alright, well that’s all I got for this week.

If you are on Instagram – keep a watch out. I’m currently involved with one giveaway with my buddy @thehellbound_heart.

I believe a second contest I’m involved with will be announced today!


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