Now What?

Welcome back friends!

This update is going to be waaaaayyyy shorter than last weeks super colossal mega insanely huge update!

Let’s dive in!

The Night Crawls In

My collection – The Night Crawls In arrived September 1st! It was released specifically to fund the 1st Annual LOHF Writers Grant. Preorders went swimmingly and I’ve been so amazed at how many folks have already purchased a physical!

So here’s a few follow ups/FAQ’s if you well

#1 – none of the sales go to me. On September 15th, the first winner will be announced and I’ll be sending them their Grant! They’ll also receive a special Hardcover edition of The Night Crawls In!

#2 – all sales from release date and here on out go towards future Grants from The Night Crawls In. Us Indie Authors have incredibly detailed sales reports at our disposal. So when I get paid out my royalties, whatever sales from TNCI are from that will be put into the paypal account for it.

#3 – the book is set up for Matchbook, which means if you buy a physical copy, you get the ebook for free!

#4 – there is a three cent difference between proceeds from the ebook and physical. The ebook produces $2.08 while the physical produces $2.11.

#5 – the physical and ebook files have been updated. So an apology to Alex aka findingmontauk1 as I someone missed adding his name to the LOHF team. That has been updated. I’ve also updated it because as of September 1st, the LOHF team added Audra, so I’ve added her there as well! I wasn’t aware of this at all before hand! So both are now listed!

So if you haven’t snagged it yet;


100 Word Horrors 3 Anthology;

You may have seen me post about this, but Kevin Kennedy’s 100 Word Horrors 3 Anthology is now available as an ebook, with physical coming shortly. I have two stories in there, but just look at the list of authors on that table of contents! Go snag it!



October 1st is now coming fast, crazy I know! My depraved novella Ritual will see the light of day then! As I mentioned before, no preorders for this but I’ll keep you posted about when everything is live!


First up my latest Tunes From the Crypt over on Kendall Reviews was featured;

{Feature} Steve Stred’s Tunes From The Crypt #6

This one focuses on Roadrunner and heavy tunes. Good stuff.

As for what I’m jamming;

Killswitch Engage – The Signal Fire feat Howard Jones

BOTH KSE SINGERS ON ONE SONG! YES PLEASE! I’ve always preferred Howard’s voice, but Jesse is coming around. This song rips.


Above & Beyond with Seven Lions – See the End

Great new track from A&B. They keep delivering such emotionally catchy EDM. Love it.


Nasty – Realigion

I recently discovered this band Nasty. Hardcore/Punk/Thrash. Heavy stuff. Hard to really define their genre. I’ve been jamming this album daily, really dig it. So here is the full album stream.


My Facebook Author Page;

RIP to my Facebook Author Page. As most of you know, Facebook is making it harder and harder for pages to be seen. If you’re not paying FB cash to boost the post, it’ll often get buried. I don’t do much marketing and I’ve never been a massive self promoter, so the page just kind of sits there and then on Friday’s I share the blog. If you’re friends with me on Facebook you’ll see the blog anyway and I share it on Twitter and Instagram.

It just feels like a massive overkill to have this whole other page. At one point it made sense to have it, as my athlete page when I was sliding. I was sharing pics and videos of training and behind the scenes stuff that folks never really see.

Now – not so much. I do have a private readers group that I’m going to keep. If you want to join, I’ll be sharing a link on the authors page or just DM for it. I’m going to do some exclusive stuff just for the readers group, but it won’t be like a patreon thing.

By the end of September the author’s page will be gone.

If you’re wanting to stay updated and that’s the page you follow – if we’re not, send me a friend request on FB, or follow the readers group!

Next Week;

Wrapping this up – next week will be blog free. I’m away at a work thing from Friday to Sunday.

So, I’ll see you here again on the 20th!



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