Here comes Ritual

I’m back! After missing last week due to the trip down to Canmore for the companies 40th Anniversary Celebration, I return for my regular Friday Blog Post Update Thingy!

This will be a super quick romp through some stuff;

Here we go!

Ritual – comes out October 1st, 2019 – no ebook preorders officially, but I’ll be getting the files together next week and will have the date up for Oct 1st. If you want to snag it when it’s live, have at it! If not – no worries!

THIS ONE IS A THANK YOU! – the ebook will be a perma $0.99. This story is super dark, super vicious and depraved. Someone who has read it asked if I’d read Woom from Duncan Ralston as the depravity reminded them of it. Duncan was honoured.

Ebook and paperback available.

The Night Crawls In – thank you all! Carina Bissett was announced as the recipient of the 1st Annual LOHF Writer’s Grant and I’m just waiting on Paypal to smarten up so I can send her the funds! She’ll also be receiving a special hardcover copy of The Night Crawls In as a thanks! Reminder – all sales of this will now be going towards the next grant!

Lastly to close this one up;

While I was in Canmore, I was able to have breakfast with Jennifer Sullivan and her husband Jeff. I can’t recall when me and Jennifer connected through social media, but we did and stayed in touch. It just so happened that they were doing a western Canada anniversary trip and as fate would have it – we were both going to be in Canmore on the same day! We had a fantastic breakfast and it was like catching up with an old friend. It was great meeting Jeff. I had dragged my friend/co worker Walter along as we were driving back after meeting them and the four of us could’ve been confused with people who have known each other our whole lives. Love when that happens.

Even more amazing – Jennifer brought me a gift. She has a friend who is friends with my fav author, Andrew Pyper.

Check out this amazing picture of Mr. Pyper’s bookshelf Demon research section! What a gift. I was in shock then and as it’s sitting four feet to my left, I’m in shock still when I look over at it!


Blown away.

Anyways – that’s all I got. Wanting to keep this one quick and short.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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