Positive Week Wrap Up!

Hey all! Happy Friday! Out here, today we have freezing rain and a snow fall warning in surrounding areas! So Halloween left and things have gone all Pete Tong on us.

This week has been a tough one in the horror world. From an Edmonton Nazi being exposed after he threatened a female reviewer and then told her she should end her life, to the ChiZine explosion – it’s been horrible.

So – let’s be positive here, yeah?

I’m gonna run through a few things, but will try and keep it brief!

Exclusive Drabbles

Gonna share two drabbles here for you! Drabbles are exactly 100 word stories, not counting the title.

Father Time.

The man lay down on the ground, before the village elder and their council.

He lay there as the sands of time swallowed him whole.

Years went by, then decades. Eventually centuries had buried the man, his memory and the why of him being covered in the first place.

It wasn’t until the gnomes were digging out a new tunnel system, looking for their precious gems that a pick-axe did strike the man’s feet.

He let out a yell and struggled to sit up.

The gnomes helped him to get free.

“Thank you my friends,” he said with a smile.



Dave had wanted to kiss Shannon since he was five years old.

Now it was just the two of them, here in the cemetery, watching the stars above.

“Shannon,” he started before a noise behind them caught their attention.

“What was that?”

They both stood, squinting into the dark.

Dave pictured a mad man rushing them then, chainsaw raised high, engine noise cutting through the silence of the night.

Instead, they heard another noise behind them. Whirling around, they saw a small, ugly creature standing on top of a tombstone.

“Boo,” it said before laughing and pouncing onto the two.



Ritual is the novella that keeps on repulsing! Thank you to everyone who has checked it out, read it and reviewed it. Currently on Goodreads it has 50 ratings and 34 reviews! That’s insanity for me. It came out only six weeks ago!! Thank you thank you thank you!

If you haven’t grabbed it yet – it’s always gonna be $0.99US for the ebook!


Daisy’s House – Kendall Reviews Exclusive Halloween Fiction.

If you missed it, during the Halloween week, Kendall Reviews had a stunning array of features – from a fantastic short story by Andrew Cull, to amazing tales from Aiden Merchant and A.S MacKenzie, and really great offerings from Jen Sullivan and Miranda Crites. To finish it off we even got new fiction from Michelle Enelen and Tarn Richardson! There were great interviews, reviews etc. Gavin was also kind enough to let me offer up my story Daisy’s House. This is a really twisted Haunted House story. As it is almost 3000 words exactly, I asked if he’d prefer it split into three parts, which he felt would work great. So if you missed it;

Part One;

{Halloween Feature} Daisy’s House – Part 1: Steve Stred (Exclusive Fiction)

Part Two;

{Halloween Feature} Daisy’s House – Part 2: Steve Stred (Exclusive Fiction)

Part Three;

{Halloween Feature} Daisy’s House – Part 3: Steve Stred (Exclusive Fiction)

If you are looking for the complete Halloween wrap up on Kendall Reviews – look no further!

Halloween 2019 Archive

Lastly on the Halloween front – my short story ‘The Next Taste’ was kindly accepted and featured in Aphotic Realm’s Halloween Edition!


What I’m Working On;

I’ve recently entered the Annihilation Radiation Short Story Competition hosted by Storgy.  When you sign up, you will be emailed when your story is occuring; before, during, or after. I was assigned ‘during’ and am pretty pleased where this short is taking me.

For more details;


I’m also working on a short story for a fellow author as part of his newsletter promo. My story relates to his biggest hit and takes place within the shared universe for it. There is myself and 3 other authors all contributing to this anthology, which will eventually come out as an ebook and paperback as well. Really exciting and I look forward to sharing more details as I’m allowed!


Recently, I shared on Twitter that I had received an acceptance from one of my top 5 places I was always hoping to work with. I can’t wait to fully announce this! This group puts out some stunning stuff and I’m very proud to have a release included with the stable of authors they’ve worked with so far.



Ok – I’ll wrap this up with notes on two giveaways!

The first – Kendall Reviews. The details have been finalized, now I’m just waiting for Gavin to host it. I recently passed 1500 Twitter followers (insane!) and had my 150th review hosted on KR (insanity!). So we’ll be giving away a US Walmart exclusive Hellraiser Chatterer Funko! Pop. Really exciting! Keep an eye on that.


Miranda Crites Giveaway!

Directly related to the above paragraph, when I passed 1500 my friend Miranda congratulated me. Miranda posts a ton of great stuff; shorts, poems, and amazing amazing artwork and photos. She’s even kindly helped out with some artwork for next years release ‘The Boy Whose Room Was Outside.’

I said we should get her to 1000 followers! She’s one of the most supportive Twitter friends out there!

So we’re doing a giveaway!

For full details, check out her blog post here!



All right! That’s it.

Be kind out there folks, the world needs to smile.


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