Piece of Me Arrives! Plus Year in Review!

It lives!

Happy release day to Piece of Me!

This is my third novel and (holy hell!) 6th release this year! What the heck!

Piece of Me is a love story. Set within the backdrop of an epic-fantasy/horror landscape, we follow our main character Kari as she struggles to survive and ultimately searches for her husband and son.

Early reviews have been kind and I absolutely love this story. I really hope you all do as well.

Featuring another stunning cover by Mason McDonald, adapted by a photo my father-in-law Peter took, we return to the same land that my short stories ‘For Balder Walks,’ and ‘Poppa?’ are set in.

The ebook is only $0.99 until middle February! Paperback is live, so snag it and enjoy!

As a bonus, this comes with the short stories ‘For Balder Walks,’ ‘Poppa?’ and ‘Krampus Comes Calling.’ The third story actually drops today as well, Friday the 13th on Kendall Reviews.

You can find it right here;

{Christmas Feature/Exclusive Fiction} Krampus Comes Calling: Steve Stred

All three are related to ‘Piece of Me’ but can be enjoyed on their own. I figured it would be neat for you readers to have them all together in one place!


Now, I mentioned I had a heavy release year.

This year saw the arrivals of ‘The Girl Who Hid in the Trees,’ ‘The Stranger,’ ‘Ritual,’ ‘The Night Crawls In,’ and ‘The One That Knows No Fear.’

‘Ritual’ and ‘The One That Knows No Fear’ are both available as $0.99 ebooks as well!

In other writing news from this year;

  • I had drabbles accepted in 100 Word Horrors Volume 3 and 4. Volume 3 is already out, Volume 4 will be coming shortly.
  • I had drabbles accepted in Forest of Fear and 100 Word Zombie Bites.
  • I had a short story accepted into Aphotic Realms Halloween Issue
  • I have a drabble accepted for release early next year in an Insignia release for Japanese Fantasy Drabbles.
  • I’ve also had three short story acceptances in three soon to be announced projects!

It’s been a very productive year!

For links to those, please check it out in my menu!

Alright – year in review stuff.

Books: as of typing this up, I’ve read 212 books. I’m hoping to finish at 225, but we’ll see.

I’ll have a full ‘Best Of 2019’ list over on Kendall Reviews at the start of January, but my favourite book of the year;

The Homecoming – Andrew Pyper

I mean, come on. My favourite author firing perfectly on all cylinders? Pacific North West Mansion with a crazy stipulation. Just outstanding.

Check out my full review here;


Snag a copy here;


Best Album;

Misery Index – Rituals of Power

From start to finish, this album rips. Crushing, melodic, emotional and savage. Everything I love about heavy music.


Best Movie;

No clue. I’ve pretty much stopped watching movies and TV shows. I just don’t have the time and they don’t engage me like they used to do.

Best Moment;

The return of The Ghost Inside. What this band has been through. Jesus. But seeing their return and knowing they’re still fighting – unbelievable.


Alright. Well, it’s been a blast. I hope 2019 has treated you well and I hope you keep crushing it in 2020.

As for me – what’s next?

I’ll be focusing on getting ‘The Boy Whose Room Was Outside’ done and ready for my first release of 2020. So keep watching for that.

This is my last blog post until probably January 3rd. That may stretch out until the 10th, we’ll see how hectic things are.

So, until then – have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Years, and all the best to you and your families and loved ones!

See you in 2020.


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