Welcome to 2020!

Hello and welcome to the year 2020… on my blog!

Yes, it’s like three weeks in and yes, this is my first blog post of the year, but too bad – I’ve been busy!

With what you ask?

Well – a bunch of stuff – jerks!

First up – last week over on Kendall Reviews, I announced the Sermons of Sorrow trilogy. This is a three part trilogy, with part I being Piece of Me that came out in December.

It will be releasing as a hardcover soon with new artwork. The next two parts will also be out this year, as well as a limited hardcover compendium! For the covers and synopsis stuff;

{Feature} Prepare yourself for Steve Stred’s stunning new trilogy, Sermons Of Sorrow.

If you haven’t snagged Piece of Me yet – the ebook is still $0.99 and it is also available in paperback;

The reviews so far have been very kind, which is always nice to see.

Now, this is going to be a brief blog one today. Life is just friggin hectic.

So let’s jump into some songs I’m jamming!

Strigoi – Phantoms

Strigoi is a new black metal band featuring the guitar player from Paradise Lost. It is brutal in the best way possible.


Jasta – They Want Your Soul (Featuring Corpsegrinder)

Jamey Jasta – singer of Hatebreed – has returned with another solo album. This one again features a lot of guest musicians. This particular one has Mr. George Fisher on guest vocals aka Corpsegrinder, singer from Cannibal Corpse.


Gryffin & Slander – All You Need to Know

On the EDM front, this song is one that gets stuck in my friggin head for weeks on end. Just catchy and upbeat – exactly how I love my EDM!


Ok, I’m finishing this off with a what I’m working on bit;

As you know I always have a bunch on the go, but I think part of it is just exercising my mind and keeping things fresh.

This year – I’m only 100% sure on five releases.

The Boy Whose Room Was Outside – this will be my first release this year. I still have to finish up the last draft with some changes, get it off to the editor and then format with the artwork. When will it arrive? Not too sure, I’m thinking maybe March?

Cathedral of the Skinned: Sermons of Sorrow Part II – this is the sequel to Piece of Me, but also a stand alone. All three parts will be individual stories with linked characters, so you can read and enjoy however. I’m about 25% into draft one, so will be getting my act together and getting this hopefully to your eyeballs by summer.

Carry the Moon: Sermons of Sorrow Part III – a sequel to Cathedral of the Skinned, this one will play off of the story told in Part II but can again be read on its own. I plan on having this see the light of day in December.

Sermons of Sorrow: The Collected Works – the compendium release. Will feature Parts I, II, III as well as some short stories. This will be a limited hardcover release, expecting it to only be available in the month of December.

As for the other stuff I have on the go – they may or may not arrive this year, but I’m still working on them! Scott: A Wagon Buddy Tale is pretty much complete. I just need to do a re-read and off to the editor. The Window in the Ground is in the same scenario.

456 Blatchford Drive is a limited I was planning on doing. I have it about 60% done, piecing some stuff together. So I’ll keep you updated on this one.

As for a few other parts – as always, I’ll keep you posted.

Lastly – last year I had mentioned a story I was working on called Wound Upon Wound. I’ve decided to have a bit of fun with this one – so, I’m going to attempt to work on it as a serial release. Every two weeks a new chapter will arrive. It will be approximately 12-15 chapters long, each chapter 1000-3000 words. When all is said and done, it will be in the 20K range and I will release it as a novella. Currently – chapter one is live on the site;


I will be editing as I go and things may change as I tinker, but for now – go take a read. Chapter two will arrive on the 31st.

Take care!


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