Next taste – The Damned and Lost Girls


(Lost Girls released by Dell in 2000, The Damned released by Simon & Schuster in 2015)

Welcome back for the third post in my PYPERMAYNIA celebration.

Let’s jump into the next chapter shall we?

I’d discovered Pyper and loved ‘The Demonologist,’ and lucky for me, he had a number of releases out already. This is always such a fantastic moment, when you realize you can read more of an author you’ve just discovered!

I made a return trip to the Coles at Seven Oaks and was pleased to find two of Pyper’s releases in stock – ‘The Damned’ and ‘Lost Girls.’ I bought them both without even reading the synopsis and I vividly remember the goth clerk who worked at both Coles and HMV in the mall saying she loved ‘Lost Girls’ and it made her bawl her eyes out.

After reading the synopsis’ of both, I decided to start with ‘The Damned.’

‘The Damned’ follows Danny Orchard, bestselling author of a memoir detailing his near-death experience that claimed the life of his twin sister. Pyper doesn’t let you feel comfortable once within this book, creating a claustrophobic world. One aspect I loved was just how familiar the house where the fire happened was. It could’ve been any house, on any street, near any of us. As the book went on, it grows darker and bolder and the ending will stay with you for long after you are done reading it.

I haven’t re-read this, purely because it’s a book that has stayed so solidly in my brain since I first read it that there’s no point yet in reading it! I’d end up skimming!

If you’ve not read it, jump on this! Click the link, then head below for ‘Lost Girls.’


‘Lost Girls’ was a book I put off from reading. Partly it was the synopsis, partly it was the reaction the goth chick from HMV/Coles had. I’d had some great discussions with her over the few years HMV was open and I knew she was a pretty tough woman. Hell, we spent time chatting about all the crazy stuff we’d seen on Liveleak at one point.

If this book had messed her up, then I was wondering just what it would do to me.

‘Lost Girls’ is a sorrow filled, creep fest.

To know go back and examine this as Pyper’s debut is really quite stunning.

We are introduced to Attorney Crane, summoned to a small town in Ontario to piece together just what’s happened as he looks to defend a high-school teacher accused of killing two students. The town stays quiet, and Crane realizes nobody cares whether he’s there nor if the teacher is innocent or guilty.

Oddly, I loved the small tie-in’s between ‘Lost Girls’ and ‘The Guardians’ when I read it recently. The saying ‘small towns know how to forget’ is wholly accurate, and as someone who grew up in the smallest of small towns, you see it happen time and again.

This town has a secret and Pyper decides to tell us in slow-burn fashion, drawing us in chapter after chapter.

I remember being unnerved completely, every time the phone rang in the eerie hotel, how Pyper described the shadows seen in the dark streets and when we finally arrive at the ending – goth chick was right.

I was distraught.

It works so well, but left this reader regretting having binged read the book and felt the enormity crash down on my soul.

You see, Pyper writes with horror in his veins, but Canadiana in his fingertips. He crafts these characters that work at the corner stores, that bag our groceries and show up at our barbecues or tail-gate parties at the beach.

This is why I adore Pyper’s writing, it speaks to that sense of where I came from, but also what I imagine.

So, once again – have you read ‘Lost Girls.’ ?

If not, I highly suggest you check it out, but be warned – you’ll be crushed.

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