COMMUNION Arrives and a ‘What’s Up!’

It’s been some time since I actually sat down and did a ‘what’s up’ type post!

Life has been strange, hectic, boring, surreal – so many things. But not having been at work for over a month now, the only time I truly sit down in front of the computer has been to write and to get the Pyper-May-Nia! posts formatted and scheduled!

So, this past Wednesday, May the 6th saw the arrival of ‘COMMUNION.’

Exciting right! It’s already getting some cool reviews and I even saw a physical copy someone had snagged over on Instagram! (Thank you, John!)

This is Book Two in the ‘Father of Lies Trilogy.’ Book Three is in the early stages and from what I’ve pulled forth from the depraved depths of my mind so far, prepare to be unnerved. I highly suggest you read ‘Ritual’ and ‘COMMUNION’ before part three arrives.

I also wanted to say, today is the last day to grab ‘COMMUNION’ for only $0.99. It will jump up to the astronomical price of $1.99 tomorrow! As always the ebook for ‘Ritual’ is and always will be $0.99.

Haven’t snagged ‘COMMUNION’ yet?


So, what else have I been up to?

Reading, writing and hanging with the family.

I haven’t even been listening to much music at all, so no songs to share, sorry!

I have however been hard at work getting this Pyper-May-Nia! stuff up and going.

So far, I’ve shared an interview;

A retrospective on ‘The Demonologist’ ;

And a retrospective on both ‘The Damned’ and ‘Lost Girls’ ;

Next week will feature retrospectives and reviews of ‘The Wildfire Season’ and ‘The Only Child’ as well as an essay on how Andrew Pyper made me a better writer.

Lastly, before I leave, I wanted to share some really cool news that has kind of left me stunned.

I’ve been fortunate enough to appear in Kevin J. Kennedy Publishing releases a few times now. First was in ‘100 Word Horrors 3’ and then ‘100 Word Horrors 4.’ I was then humbled to have a story selected for ‘The Horror Collection: Silver Edition’ which featured me alongside Kevin, Lex Jones, Calvin Demmer and the legend Edward Lee.

Well, recently ‘The Horror Collection: Emerald Edition’ was released and I’m still in shock that a story from myself appears in a collection with the living Horror legend himself, Ramsey Campbell!


If you want to check out this amazing collection;

The ebook is out now, paperback to come!


Alright, so that’s all I got right now.

Hope you are all well and safe!

Until we meet again,


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