We’re not in Canada anymore…


The Trade Mission was released in 2002.

So, up to this point, I’d read all of Pyper’s work except ‘The Trade Mission,’ ‘Kiss Me,’ ‘The Guardians,’ and ‘The Killing Circle.’

Notice something with those releases?

Except for ‘Lost Girls,’ and ‘The Wildfire Season’ those are all of Andrew’s earlier releases.

You see, I was a feeble coward. Andrew had wowed me with ‘The Demonologist,’ ‘The Damned,’ ‘The Homecoming,’ and ‘The Only Child,’ and a big part of me was worried that I’d find one I didn’t connect with or worse yet, enjoy.

‘The Trade Mission’ other than ‘Kiss Me’ seems to be the forgotten Pyper. I see a bunch of his books on Twitter and Instagram all the time, but I very rarely, rarely see ‘The Trade Mission.’


The synopsis should grab you and bring the reader in. We follow some young entrepreneurs on a trade mission to Brazil, trying to sell their amazing new product. When an eco-tour river cruise goes wrong, they end up lost in jungle. And then things get worse.

Like all of Andrew’s books, and something I mentioned in the previous post about ‘The Homecoming,’ one of the main characters in this book is the jungle and river itself. This book is set in a completely inhospitable place. An area of the world where you can walk two minutes in any direction and end up completely lost or devoured by any of the massive predators that call that territory home. And that isn’t mentioning the mysterious indigenous populations that consider foreigner’s to be put down on sight.

What I loved about this book was how Andrew made me feel like I was there, that I was the one surviving and doing whatever I could to make it to the next minute of the day.

By the end of this book, you’ll feel just as exhausted as our main character does and, while I won’t play spoiler, you’ll see the ending as a satisfying conclusion.

Now, of all of Andrew’s books, I didn’t feel as connected with this one, but I think that was based on the setting, not the writing style or the story itself.

I really enjoyed this one and it gave me the kick in the pants to not be so scared to read his other ‘older’ releases!

On one last note – I only recently discovered that this was also released as ‘Dark Descent.’

dark descent

For why? Well, Andrew actually answers that question on the 22nd!


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