Book Review: Bleak Precision by Greg Chapman


Title: Bleak Precision

Author: Greg Chapman

Release date: June 12, 2020


Greg Chapman is a fantastic author, artist and illustrator. Many people know Greg as much for his cover work as they do with his writing, which makes it just as exciting when he decides to release a project like this.

‘Bleak Precision’ is a self released chapbook that Greg has created. Featuring eight stories, an essay and artwork, this is a stunning showcase of all of Greg’s talents.

What I liked: I’m a massive fan of Greg’s work and his novel ‘Netherkind’ is one of my all-time favorite releases. This showcases the variety of ways Greg is able to deliver his stories and it is a prime way for people to check out his work. The stand outs for me were ‘Kakophony’ and ‘Mongrels.’ The illustrations in this are amazing and with the knowledge that a comic book is on it’s way, is very exciting.

I also really enjoyed the included essay that had originally appeared over at Ink Heist. Always great to see a writer’s thoughts on ‘dark’ and ‘bleak.’

What I didn’t like: Well, frankly, something like this is a labor of love and I wouldn’t feel right critiquing it. Saying that, as with any short story collection, I wished for more with many of them, especially ‘Mongrels’ being a fan of that specific genre big time!

Why you should buy it: Usually at the end of my reviews, whether here or over on Kendall Reviews, you’ll find a buy link. This one is different. This can only be purchased by emailing Greg directly. You send him the funds, he emails you the digital book and it’s a win win – author gets paid, reader gets book. In this case, that is the very reason you should buy it. Greg is one of the truly stand-out nice guys in the Horror community and this is a very simple way of connecting direct with the author/artist and receiving a very cool chapbook.

To get your copy, email Greg! He can be reached at or you can DM him through any of his social media channels!




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