Book Review: Clownflesh by Tim Curran


Title: Clownflesh

Author: Tim Curran

Release date: May 31, 2019


At the end of 2019, Pete from Bloodshot Books sent me a list of 6 or 7 books he was wondering if I was interested in reviewing. Truthfully, I didn’t even read their synopsis’. Pete releases such high quality stuff and Bloodshot Books has always been super kind to me and thinking of me for possible reviews, so I took them all. After reading ‘Clownflesh’ I have one left from that batch!

I’d not read Tim Curran before, but he was always an author that people would recommend I check out. I do remember seeing the cover for this when it was announced and even back then it really didn’t strike me as one I thought was ‘yah’ or ‘meh.’

Having now read the book, the cover fits the story perfectly.

What I liked: This is a book that will either absolutely work for you or you’ll hate it from the get go. You’ll know within the first few chapters. How will you know? Well, the synopsis is this: Craw Falls, South Dakota gets slammed by a snow storm. As night descends murderous clowns sprout from the shadows and darkness to kill everyone as viciously as possible. That really is it. So, just how will you know if this will work for you? When you start reading this and you get to the first moment where a person realizes the thing stalking them and is about to murder them is a clown, you’ll either be scared out of your shell or you’ll start laughing. If you are scared, the rest of the book is such an amazing full-throttle, rock ’em sock’em thrill ride that you’re in for a treat. If you laugh… the rest of the book is going to come off lame and you just won’t enjoy it like you would if Curran was creeping you the hell out.

I loved how this book unfolded. I was extremely unnerved from page one. Something about a jingling sound in the distance, the wind carrying a stench, something moving and coming closer to a lone person in the snow – exhilarating. And Tim does it over and over and over again.

What I didn’t like: As much as I loved this story, it isn’t without some minor faults. Firstly, we get introduced to a man specifically in town to kill the clowns. Clegg is then locked up and for the majority of the book he remains in his cell, until finally released near the end. I felt a bit let down at the carnage he could’ve unleashed had he been re-introduced a bit earlier. Secondly, there really is no back story or ‘reason’ behind why the clowns have arrived. I was expecting a glorious mythology about them, but nothing.

Why you should buy it: Well, did you read the synopsis? I mean, killer clowns? If that at all interests you then this is a must buy! Otherwise, this features some truly cringe-worthy moments, some amazingly graphic deaths and Curran never lets up, not even at the explosive finale. I’m glad I didn’t pass on this one now. What a fun ride.


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