Book Review: The Man From Beyond by Arytom Dereschuk


Title: The Man From Beyond

Author: Arytom Dereschuk

Release date: n/a

Source: Received free when I signed up to his website

Over the last number of years Arytom Dereschuk has quickly grown to become a favorite author of mine. Starting with his outstanding ‘Master of the Forest’ and followed up with his great collection ‘Russki Dread’ Arytom doesn’t hesitate to conjure dark worlds and to use his native Russia as a backdrop. While I enjoyed his novel ‘Hate the Sin’ it still showed his willingness to craft brutal stories. I’ve already purchased his newest release ‘Outside’ and will be moving that far up my TBR.

Throughout discovering his work, one thing I’ve noticed is Arytom’s distinct lack of an online presence. Well, that’s begun to change. He now boasts a really slick website (which I’ll link at the bottom) as well as a Reddit page (which I’ll also link). I’ve had some great chats with him via Goodreads, and was very excited to see this free story offered up by joining his mailing list.

What I liked: ‘The Man From Beyond’ is a quick read, I’d estimate at around 10,000 words. I think I read it in about 20-25 minutes and it was fantastic. I was hooked from paragraph one. The story is simple. Set in the 60’s in small town USA, folks go about their daily lives without a care. Until one day a strange man arrives. He doesn’t seem remarkable until the townsfolk begin to notice his eyes and start to stay away.

Dereschuk tells us this story through 1st person POV of a young man who doesn’t pay mind to the stranger, until one night when things take a turn.

This entire story dripped dread. I loved how it slowly unrolled and the entire time I was expecting this explosion of action and gore, but Artyom kept dangling that carrot ahead of me, pulling the reader along.

I absolutely loved the ending to this. It was a great way of tying it all together and coming full circle.

What I didn’t like: Actually, it’s funny, as I loved this story a ton, but the only thing that irked me was a single line of dialogue. A character says; “maybe she’s just a gold digger.” With it being set in the 60’s, I can’t imagine that was a common phrase, but when I read it, I was annoyed haha!

Why you should buy this: Well, you don’t actually need to buy this – sign up for his site! It’s free when you do! But for why you should read this? Dereschuk has crafted a fantastic sci-fi/slow burn horror story here, one that pulls equally from The Twilight Zone as it does from The X-Files. The cover is spot on and if you like dread inducing fast reads, you can’t go wrong here. This is a perfect story to introduce you to Artyom’s work, and once done, seriously, go snag the rest of his releases.


You can sign up and get the story for free here;


Arytom’s Reddit link is here;

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