Book Review: The Ravening by Chris Kosarich

the ravening

Title: The Ravening

Author: Chris Kosarich

Release date: March 20, 2021

I’ve read a few of Kosarich’s work, but when I saw the synopsis and cover for his latest ‘The Ravening’ I was excited. Off all of his releases so far, this was the one that was certainly going to be directly up my alley.

What I didn’t expect was a seemingly throwback to my youth when you’d rent a VHS based on the cover and the potential for nudity and be rewarded with a fantastic film and tons of gore, death and skin.

Kosarich nailed this one, what a fun ride.

What I liked: The story is fairly standard fare for a horror book. An isolated resort gets cut off from the mainland when an accident crumples the bridge. At the same time a massive tropical storm barrels down on them. Of course, this is a horror tale, so ‘something’ is awakened in the water near the resort and begins to infect and rip apart humans as it spreads.

Kosarich, as I mentioned, as made a perfect B-Horror novel. I don’t mean that in a negative way or disparaging in the least, but it’s the most precise way for me to describe just the gloriousness of what you’re in store for.

I really loved the way the characters wove between their jobs, their responsibilities but also their personal issues. Kosarich makes even the lesser characters feel real and as the storm arrives and the ‘thing’ arrives, you’ll feel sad as they fall one after another.

Lastly, I just want to mention, Kosarich has added an additional layer to the story with a mysterious group and some strange things that he mentions will be expanded upon. I won’t go too deep into this, as I want to remain spoiler free, but I’m intrigued to see what comes next.

What I didn’t like: While the characters were well done, there were still some that really ground my gears and felt superficial with their desires/wants. Most of them were minor overall to the plot, but a few had bigger roles and I was annoyed whenever they’d resurface.

Why you should buy this: Of the work I’ve read of Kosarich’s, this is easily the best thing he’s done. I loved the direct opening of this book and how he delivered a cinematic story that really felt like a classic horror slasher. This was a ton of fun and I think folks who enjoy a lot of Unnerving’s recent Rewind or Die series will really enjoy this.


*At the moment it appears to be only out in ebook, but I have seen Chris share a full cover wrap so I’d expect the paperback to arrive shortly

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