Book Review: Maritime Monsters by Steve Vernon


Title: Maritime Monsters

Author: Steve Vernon with illustrations by Jeff Solway

Release date: Originally released September 30th, 2009, re-released July 31st, 2019

First – I just want to say, this isn’t going to be one of my ‘traditional’ reviews – in that I won’t be sharing any criticism or my usual ‘what I didn’t like section.’ The reason being that this is a book about mythical creatures for kids. I absolutely loved everything about it, and truthfully I can’t find something to suggest any improvement or something that may turn readers off, which is what I usually do.

Second – I owe Steve Vernon an apology. It never dawned on me to review this! How ridiculous, because I review so many books. Steve kindly sent this as a surprise gift for my son last year. My son (who’ll be turning 5 in two months at the time of this review) is OBSESSED with monsters, creatures and things that go bump in the night. So, while this book is suggested for kids aged 8-12, just know that I was reading this to my son while he was still three years old and he loved it.

The book is gorgeously illustrated by Jeff Solway (a prime example is that cover!) and it goes through over a dozen mythical creatures living over in Eastern Canada. Each creature is shown in stunning detail by Solway and is accompanied by the folklore around them as well as neat ‘facts.’

Vernon writes the background of the creatures with pure joy and throughout, humor is injected. The humor is done effectively enough that it’ll make adults and kids laugh; I know my son sure laughs at a number of parts.

The quality of this paperback is really amazing, with high gloss paper and the colors really pop. And while it is ‘Maritime’ monsters, I think any fan of Cryptozoology and strange and mysterious beasts will really enjoy this.

I’m very appreciative that Vernon sent this for my son, but truthfully this is a book I would’ve bought had I seen it somewhere or if he’d shared it online. Right up my son’s alley and mine! So, thank you again Steve and if you’re a parent with a youngster who is all about those scaly, creepy creatures that lurk in the water and in the woods, this is a book you NEED to get!



You can buy this direct from the publisher here;

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