Book review: My Sister April by Kyra R. Torres

my sister april

Title: My Sister April

Author: Kyra R. Torres

Release date: July 20, 2021

What an unexpected delight!

Kyra and myself connected some time ago on Twitter and through this, we’ve interacted a bunch and I’ve always loved how supportive she is towards so many in the Indie community. When she announced the release of this, I snagged a copy and dove in, not even reading the synopsis.

What I liked: The story is a quick, snappy piece of dark fiction that centers around two sisters, left at the family farm for the night while her parents go out for a date. They leave the girls with one last word of advice – leave the pigs alone.

Torres does a great job of telling us exactly what is going to happen while still building a ton of tension and anxiety.

This is a short story, and from what I gather it’ll be included in an upcoming collection, but even within these small parameters, Kyra gives us a lot to take in and digest.

I really enjoyed that we could see the siblings relationship and how they knew what needed to be done, even when the words from their parents rattled around their brains.

What I didn’t like: In such a short story, it’s tough to really fault anything, but I will say – I did wish this was longer. Of course, it’s a short story, so it was purposefully written that way, but this is one that Torres can absolutely expand upon in the future if they so desire.

Why you should buy this: If you’re looking for a really dark, engaging story that will make you squirm and beg characters not to do something, that you know full well they will be, then look no further. This was a blast and I’ll definitely be checking out more of Kyra’s work in the future.


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