Announcing The Official Andrew Pyper Archives


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Yesterday I teased this on my social media pages, but today I’m officially launching a passion project that I’ve been working on for some time.

That’s right – The Official Andrew Pyper Archives!

I wanted to wait until the site was live and Andrew had a chance to visit it and let me know his thoughts and I’m happy to report he loved it!

But before we dive too deeply into the archives, I’m going to hop back a little bit here and share how we got to this point.

It’s no secret Andrew Pyper is my favorite author and his books all hold a special place in this reader’s heart. As of writing this, I’m about 35% through my re-read of ‘Lost Girls’ and it’s such a trip to be reading the book again, discovering new nuances and little clues, but to also be transported back in time.

Back in 2014, I was a fairly sheltered reader. I read King and non-fiction and a few other dark fiction writers, but for the most part I wasn’t actively seeking out new-to-me authors. Why? Not 100% sure, I think it was the desire to stay with the familiar.

A fateful trip to the Marshall Road Walmart in Abbotsford changed everything.

In the 2 for $15 paperback section (which I always looked at but seldom purchased) were two books that intrigued me. ‘The Troop’ by Nick Cutter and ‘The Demonologist’ by Andrew Pyper. Two authors I’d never heard of, but two books that I thought I’d maybe read one day. I didn’t buy them on that visit though. Instead I took a photo of them as books I might buy in the future. Over the next few days I must’ve mentioned them to my wife 1000 times, because it got to the point she told me to just go get them. Luckily both were still there and my fate was sealed. I loved ‘The Troop’ but LOVED ‘The Demonologist.’ To the point that once I was done reading it, I immediately went onto the Chapters website and ordered ‘The Damned’ and ‘Lost Girls.’ For Christmas that year I got a copy of ‘The Wildfire Season.’ I was hooked.

And so, as time went on, my brain clicked after reading each book, that maybe, just maybe, I’d discovered that author for me. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are SOOOOO many amazing authors out there, but where many of you will immediately say King or Barker or Ahlborn or Moncrieff are your personal favorite (and I love all of those authors I just listed), the one author who I connect with their work the most is and always has been Andrew’s. 

It’s hard to describe and I wish I could do a better job (which is sad considering people read my own works!) but something about his prose, his usage of environment and setting, and his literary skills with his slasher brutality and willingness to ‘go-there’ when necessary has connected.

As you’ve all seen, over the last four years I’ve begun to accumulate a solid collection of physical Pyper books. I have them all on Kindle as well, but what began as a hardcover and paperback of each release has now morphed into seeking out an ARC of each one available, as well as 95% of the English releases. Now, it’s expanded to foreign editions as well (much to my wife’s chagrin!). Each of Pyper’s releases and each variation of those books makes me smile when I see them. Recalling the world’s within and the characters that live and dance through those pages.

Over time, I began to catalog these releases on my phone. One thing that I noticed was that for an International Bestselling Author who has numerous books currently optioned and in development for film as well as having won a number of acclaimed awards – Andrew’s name didn’t come up much for anthologies. I began to seek those out to see the when’s and where’s and at one point I messaged Andrew about these appearances.

I must add – I frequently bother/bug Andrew with questions. I never expect a reply and any replies that I get I cherish. Andrew is one of the nicest people out there and as someone who always feels like a nuisance, I never want to annoy him – but one such time I messaged him about a specific appearance or anthology story and his reply really jump started this formal journey. He said “I honestly can’t remember, that was a while ago and I don’t have any copies of that.” Through my time getting to know Andrew, he’s often said he’s not a big “possessions guy.” Which is fair. I even felt bad knowing that and sending him two rebound copies of his work and the spiral-bound ARC of ‘Lost Girls.’ But those two things together was like a lightbulb going off. 

What can you do for someone who isn’t a possessions guy but who has released this amazing body of work?

An online archive.

And so here we are. With Andrew’s blessing I got this going.

This has been an absolute joy to investigate, catalog, organize and create. It has made me smile repeatedly and even random things that I never expected to make me laugh has. Hell, I found an article for one of the books on Ebay! Someone was selling a one page newspaper clipping of a Maclean’s write up Andrew did years ago for $50! Ha! I didn’t buy it, but it helped me track down the link to catalog it.

Well, I think that’s been enough, yeah? I start talking Andrew’s work and I don’t shut up!

So, before I go, here’s a few closing remarks.

I’m going to continue sharing (and shouting) about my love of Andrew’s work. I hope each of you have an author you love that brings you as much joy as Pyper’s books do for me.

And if you’re a writer, I hope you have fans as passionate about your work as I am about Andrew’s.

I’m going to keep searching out links/releases etc and keep updating the archives as best I can. There’s a few things I’ll continue tinkering with.

I want to note that I don’t consider these archives mine. Yes, I spent time doing this, but ultimately this is Andrew’s and Andrew’s work. A history of what he has created. If he ever requested formally taking over this, or his kids did, or whatever, it’s all theirs. 

Lastly, I want to once again thank Andrew for everything. As I said before, I always feel like a nuisance when I message anyone, and I know he’s a busy guy. So, thank you for letting me always be such a fan of your work and for being so generous with your time and cheering me on doing this. It’s been a pleasure and I’m humbled and honored to call you a friend.

So, without any more of my ramblings – I hope you enjoy The Official Andrew Pyper Archives.





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