Book Review: Hetty by Eddie Generous


Title: Hetty

Author: Eddie Generous

Release date: September 18th, 2021

Big thanks to Netgalley, Omnium Gatherum and Eddie Generous (Unnerving) for approving me for this ARC!

I’ve become a big fan of Eddie’s over the years and have always enjoyed seeing where his writing mind will take us. He’s never shy to explore different genre’s, attempting new variations of the genre’s and introducing unique and intriguing characters.

‘Hetty’ is a prime example of just that. Taking a tried and true basis of a dark story and inflicting it and warping it to suit his story and how he wanted to tell it.

What I liked: The book opens with a bit of back story, of us learning about Hetty and how she was a schoolteacher but also was doing things she shouldn’t have been when no one was looking.

Fast forward and we get introduced to two people down on their lucks – Dane, a writer who is struggling with a recent loss and Winona, a young mother who discovers the truth about the man she believed was the one. Now, after becoming friends, they are working towards figuring out life in a new town, a small town with a secret.

Generous does a great job of showcasing how two different people, from two very different upbringings can attempt to co-exist, help each other out while also doing whatever it takes when it comes down to it, to bring back Winona’s son.

The build up to Casey’s disappearance had some truly, truly creepy moments and the aftermath of the event itself was great with Generous offering some twists and turns that had me flipping the pages, wanting to see just what happens.

What I didn’t like: It felt like a life time until the actual event happens and while it was definitely a slow burn to get there, some may find it a bit of slog at moments. As well, I wasn’t totally sure about how Dane was reacting to Winona at the beginning. It felt a bit forced, a bit ‘off’ from his initial introductions.

Why you should buy this: Generous is always an author that you know you can expect an emotional rollercoaster and with ‘Hetty,’ which may be the longest book he’s released thus far, he showcases his willingness to take a story and twist it, making it a dark and frightening piece.

Good stuff.


‘Hetty’ can be preordered here;

I will add the Amazon link once available.

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