3Q’s – Kev Harrison drags you Below!


Hello! And welcome again! I’m loving these 3Q’s, as I get to learn about each writer but also get to share with those following along some phenomenal reads.

Today’s is no different. Kev Harrison is a fantastic supporter of so many and his writing is always great!

Welcome, Kev!


Steve: What does your writing time look like? Do you try and write at the same time each day? Do you have a word count you attempt to hit?

Kev: My writing time has taken a big hit since the pandemic kicked in. As for a lot of people working in education, admin has increased and hours have expanded, too. At the moment, I get about 2 hours, 3 times a week, but that includes promotion, social media, etc. I’m putting things in motion to get to a five days a week writing plan in the autumn, so I’m hopeful my productivity will be up to pre-pandemic levels then.

Steve: Out of all your releases, do you have a character you could write about forever?

Kev: In my next novel (currently out on submission), there’s a central character called Diniz. She’s a Turkish scripture expert, which sounds boring as hell, but she’s hilarious, determined as hell, and I really hope people are going to love her as much as I do.

Steve: Oh! Good luck! Tell me about your newest release (novel/story/poem/novella) and why someone should read it!

Kev: Below has just been re-released through Brigids Gate Press. It’s a subterranean story which aims to provide the scares through suspense, with epistolary elements feeding the reader and the characters with titbits of the dark history of the location. It’s got scares, action, and one of my favourite folkloric monsters at its heart.

Steve: Hey, thanks so much for doing this! Oh-oh! I see you didn’t submit an answer to my bonus question! Ah jeez! Well then, seeing as the bonus question was if you had a fav wrestler growing up – I’ll pick one for you!

You kind of resemble a wrestler known as Daniel Bryan. I’m not familiar with him – just googled WWE wrestlers with beards, to be fair – and here we are!


Alright! Enough kidding around – if you want to find more about Kev;

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Kev-Harrison/e/B06ZZDY6G3/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LisboetaIngles

Website: kevharrisonfiction.com

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