3Q’s – Ruthann Jagge is seeking New Patients!


Anyone who has frequented the Books of Horror Facebook Group will undoubtedly come across Ruthann – either through her enthusiasm towards what you’re working on, towards books she loves or regarding her own releases coming! She’s an amazingly supportive person and I’m super excited to have her join me today!

Welcome, Ruthann!

Ruthann Jagge

Steve: What does your writing time look like? Do you try and write at the same time each day? Do you have a word count you attempt to hit?

Ruthann: When I’m home, I try to write in the late afternoon. I’m an early riser, and there’s no telling what the day will bring, I live on a rural cattle ranch. Typically it’s more quiet, and hotter than hell outside, so I try to get a couple of uninterrupted hours in. No set word count, it depends on “what” I feel like working on, I usually have a few projects going at once. If I’m excited about “where” a story is going, I have been known to pull an all-nighter.

Steve: You win the lottery and the only condition is that you need to fund another author’s book to be made into a movie. What book would you choose to be filmed?

Ruthann: Tough one, but I’m going with Ron Kelly’s classic “Fear.” It has all the ingredients folks are enjoying right now: coming of age, a small-town folk horror setting, an original monster, and a lot of heart. I’d love to see this!

Steve: Tell me about your newest release (novel/story/poem/novella) and why someone should read it!

Ruthann: Oh gosh. My novella “The New Girls’ Patient” is still doing well. It was released in January of this year. It has intriguing characters, a unique premise, and it’s creepy enough to interest most readers in the genre. The story will be continued in a full-length novel in 2023.

Steve: Bonus Question! If you could be an extra on any TV show, which one would it have been and why?

Ruthann: Easy. “True Blood.” The series, based on the books written by Charlaine Harris.
It was insanely-cool, full of beautiful people, and had enough supernaturals of all kinds to intrigue even those who don’t typically enjoy “horror.” I think, in some way, the series contributed to the renaissance of the genre, it was fairly mainstream with a Sunday night prime-time slot.


Fantastic! Thank you so much, Ruthann!

Check the links to find more work from her!

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Ruthann-Jagge/e/B084Q9DSSK/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/redheadrites

Website: https://ruthannjagge.com/

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