3Q’s – Villimey Mist shocks her family!

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I always love seeing the worldwide array of talented author’s that I get to interact with each and every day! Villimey Mist hails from Iceland, and as such, brings a unique crispness to her story telling. I was super excited when she agreed to do a 3Q’s!

Welcome Villimey!

Villimey Mist

Steve: What does your process look like once you finish your first draft? Do you immediately dive back into it, or do you take some time away?

VM: My process is a little bit different because I write everything by hand. So, after I’ve finished writing the first draft in my notebooks (my novels usually fill up 3 notebooks), I type everything up into my laptop. It’s good because then I can catch anything that feels off or doesn’t fit and since I’m an underwriter I can add more things to the draft. Once that is done, I send it over to my alpha reader and my editor and leave it be until I get their feedback.

Steve: Do you believe cryptozoological creatures exist? If so, which one do you think has the best chance of being proven to exist?

VW: Ohhhh, good question! I have an open mind to it. It is commonly known that Icelanders believe in elves or Huldufólk. I have never seen one, but I still make sure I don’t trample or disturb their homes which is in nature.  I know most will probably say Bigfoot or Mothman, but I’m going to my roots and say Nykur which is an Icelandic monster that looks like a horse. We have so many horses here so who’s to say one hasn’t dragged someone to a lake and drowned them?

Steve: Of the books or stories you’ve released, which is your personal favorite and why?

VM: It’s the story “Nails” which can be found in my short story collection ‘As the Night Devours Us.’ I love it because it contains one of my fears (getting my nails ripped off) and it’s a twisted creation from the Tooth Fairy which I’ve always found creepy and odd.

Steve: Bonus Fun Question! What was the best practical joke you’ve ever been involved in?

VM: I’m not much of a practical joker (I was a prankster as a kid, though) but during our wedding, we didn’t tell anyone (except my parents because it was held at their home) that we were getting married. Everyone thought it was just a going away party because we were leaving for Japan that summer. I loved seeing the shocked look on my older brother’s face when he saw the priest waiting outside in the garden.

That’s great!

Thank you so much, Villimey!

To find more of her work – check the links!

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/stores/Villimey-Mist/author/B07L5367H2

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VillimeyS

Website: https://www.villimeymistauthor.com/

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