3Q’s – Rob Bose and Netflix Bootlegging!

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Hey friends! Another great 3Q’s today and this one is with one of the dynamic folks behind Calgary, Alberta’s phenomenal 7th Terrace Publishing! Rob Bose not only puts out fantastic fiction for his own fans to read, but is also behind some of the biggest and buzziest collection over the last few years!

Welcome Rob!


Steve: What does your process look like once you finish your first draft? Do you immediately dive back into it, or do you take some time away?

Rob: Unless I’m writing to a deadline and have procrastinated to the point where there is literally no time, I always let everything rest for at least a week—in the case of a short story—or a month or more—in the case of a novel.

Though… when I start chipping away at something else during the down time, I often get a weird spark of insight on the resting piece and end up going back in an adding at least a note. Or surgically changing something. Then I have to physically restrain myself from re-reading the entire damn thing and fiddling. It’s a curse.

Steve: Do you believe cryptozoological creatures exist? If so, which one do you think has the best chance of being proven to exist?

Rob: I want to believe, I really do. The world needs magic. And we don’t know what we don’t know, so while a lot of cryptids seem to defy belief, lots seem like they could easily be lurking at the fringes of remote places like deep oceans or great mountain ranges.

That said, I’ll have go with the Yeti. I can totally believe there’s a giant snow ape lurking around out there bootlegging Netflix from the comfort of their cave system.

Steve: Of the books or stories you’ve released, which is your personal favorite and why?

Rob: My favourite has to be Fishing with the Devil, a collection published a few years back by Coffin Hop Press (and now out in a second edition from The Seventh Terrace since CHP is pretty much dead). Lots of my earliest stories from before I worried about being a writer or writing, and fabulous art, both inside and on the cover from James Beveridge (of Edmonton!).

Steve: Bonus Fun Question – What was the best practical joke you’ve ever been involved in?

Rob: I’ve worked as a software engineer for many, many years and in one company, which shall remain nameless, there were a few of us who tended to hang out and cause mischief. There was also, however, an annoying fellow who was altogether too serious. And a kiss-ass stool pigeon. But we had his number. Every week we started swapping his batteries in every device he had with identical used up batteries. So he was continually replacing them. Always going to the stockroom, grabbing new ones. Bitching at IT to replace his obviously faulty mouse and keyboard and such. We’d recover the used-up ones from his garbage and swap them over and over. He never did catch on. I still laugh thinking about that.

Steve: Oh, that’s fantastic! I love when you can think back on something you’ve done in the past and still chuckle about it!

Thank you again, Rob!

To find more of his work, check the links!

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/stores/Robert-Bose/author/B00YQSVRRM

Website: www.robertbose.com or www.the-seventh-terrace.com.

Twitter: @RobBose

FB: www.facebook.com/robertbose

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