3Q’s Archive

Season 1

David Sodergren:

3Q’s Debut – With David Sodergren!

Jill Girardi:

3Q’s – Jill Girardi Play’s With Madness!

Craig DiLouie:

3Q’s – Craig DiLouie and his Cult Children!

Alyson Faye:

3Q’s – Alyson Faye – Always a must read!

Mason McDonald:

3Q’s – Mason McDonald loves his Monsters!

Andrew Pyper:

3Q’s – Andrew Pyper scares us in our dreams!

S.H. Cooper:

3Q’s – Author S.H. Cooper drops the People’s Elbow on some ghosts!

Stephanie Ellis:

3Q’s – Stephanie Ellis turns our wheels!

Konn Lavery:

3Q’s – Konn Lavery – Symbolic Megalomaniac?

Kev Harrison:

3Q’s – Kev Harrison drags you Below!

Andrew J. Stone:

3Q’s – Andrew J. Stone challenges you to dance!

Nico Bell:

3Q’s – Nico Bell takes it to the Bank(s)!

Sonora Taylor:

3Q’s – Sonora Taylor steps into the ring!

Shelly Campbell:

3Q’s – Come visit Shelly Campbell in Western Canada!

J.R. McConvey:

3Q’s – J.R. McConvey and his different beasts!

Brian Fatah Steele:

3Q’s – Brian Fatah Steele and the Infinity Beyond!

Jeremy Hepler:

3Q’s – Jeremy Hepler is a Road Warrior!

Laurel Hightower:

3Q’s – Laurel Hightower whispers to us…

Mark Allan Gunnells:

3Q’s – Mark Allan Gunnells is singing in the rain!

Wayne Fenlon:

3Q’s – Wayne Fenlon has got you covered!

Simon Paul Wilson:

3Q’s – Simon Paul Wilson resurrects the dead man!

Felix I.D. Dimaro:

3Q’s – Felix I.D. Dimaro keeps things evergreen.

C.M. Forest:

3Q’s – C.M. Forest writes like a warrior!

Elford Alley:

3Q’s – Elford Alley slithers into this feature!

A.A. Medina:

3Q’s – A.A. Median is designing beasts!

Eric Raglin:

3Q’s – Eric Raglin lives a life of Mysterio!

Matt Wildasin:

3Q’s – Matt Wildasin knows what Stings!

Zachary Ashford:

3Q’s – Zachary Ashford is ready to demanufacture a murder!

Tim McWhorter:

3Q’s – Tim McWhorter loves to shout at the devil!

Duncan Ralston:

3Q’s – Duncan Ralston is here to gross you out!

Brian Bowyer:

3Q’s – Brian Bowyer shares his favorite season!

Tim Lebbon:

3Q’s – Tim Lebbon delivers his last storm!

Shawn Burgess:

3Q’s – Shawn Burgess collects tears!

Robert P. Ottone:

3Q’s – Robert P. Ottone executes with excellence!

Daron Kappauff:

3Q’s – Daron Kappauff can never go back!

Adam Hulse:

3Q’s – Adam Hulse remains macho! Oh yeah!

Joe Scipione:

3Q’s – Joe Scipione takes us to the zoo!

R.J. Roles:

3Q’s – RJ Roles brings us some books of horror!

Brennan LeFaro

3Q’s – Brennan LaFaro get’s dangerous!

Jonathan Edward Durham

3Q’s – Jonathan Edward Durham wishes you a happy Barley Day!

Matthew Vaughn

3Q’s – Matthew Vaughn is blacker than a really black thing!

Season 2

Daniel Volpe:

3Q’s – Daniel Volpe goes to great lengths to be beautiful!

Katie Marie:

3Q’s – Katie Marie freezes us out!

Danger Slater:

3Q’s – Danger Slater literally has trademarked the Moon!

S.P. Miskowski

3Q’s – S.P. Miskowski knocks on some dark doors!

Somer Canon

3Q’s – Somer Canon wants to eat the rude!

Catherine McCarthy

3Q’s – Catherine McCarthy keeps churning them out!

Antonia Rachel Ward

3Q’s – Antonia Rachel Ward pulls the strings!

Joe Lansdale

3Q’s – Joe Lansdale was Born For Trouble!

The Sisters of Slaughter

3Q’s – The Sisters are here to Slaughter you!

Bo Chappell

3Q’s – Bo Chappell – a super nice guy, From Day One!

David Demchuk

3Q’s – David Demchuk – young Ryan, old Mary!

Paul Tremblay

3Q’s – Paul Tremblay starts a new club!

Chris Marrs

3Q’s – Chris Marrs has an Appetite for Destruction!

Russel R. James

3Q’s – Russell James keeps bringing the darkness!

Lee Murray

3Q’s – Lee Murray is here to share the love!

Bracken MacLeod

3Q’s – Bracken MacLeod cruises down The Road!

James A. Moore

3Q’s – James A. Moore brings along his buddy!

Samantha Kolesnik & Bryan Smith

3Q’s – Double the trouble with Samantha Kolesnik and Bryan Smith!

Gwendolyn Kiste

3Q’s Special – Gwendolyn Kiste honors the Hammer!!

Candace Nola

3Q’s – Candace Nola makes us Uncomfortably Dark!

E.C. Hanson

3Q’s – Erik Hanson spreads his Wicked Blood!

Alan Baxter

3Q’s – Alan Baxter takes us ’round the BEND!

Greg F. Gifune

3Q’s Special – Greg F. Gifune is Crom re-incarnated!

B.P. Gregory

3Q’s – B.P. Gregory gets tricked!

Aron Beauregard

3Q’s – Aron Beauregard wants you to answer his ad!

Christy Aldridge

3Q’s – Christy Aldridge doesn’t care how PRETTY you are!

Gemma Amor

3Q’s – Gemma Amor goes Full Immersion!

Kealan Patrick Burke

3Q’s – Kealan Patrick Burke, the Man, the Myth, the Legend!

Sarah Budd

3Q’s – Sarah Budd prepares to Enter the Darkness

Andrew McManaman

3Q’s – Andrew McManaman invites you into his Dollhouse!

Julie Hiner

3Q’s – Julie Hiner is here to get you Back on Track!

Tim Meyer

3Q’s – Tim Meyer believes in dinosaurs!

Kerry E.B. Black

3Q’s – Kerry E.B. Black delivers us an early Spring!

Ronald Kelly

3Q’s – Ronald Kelly – a Horror Veteran continues to drop New Scares!

Mike Thorn

3Q’s Special – Mike Thorn shares his superpower!

Cailyn Lloyd

3Q’s – Cailyn Lloyd takes her Elders to The Mill!

Beau Johnson

3Q’s – Beau Johnson – FUN WAS HAD!

Meg Hafdahl

3Q’s – Meg Hafdahl blinds us with SCIENCE!

Joe Zito

3Q’s – Joe Zito is Heralding Terror!

Regina Watts

3Q’s – Regina Watts Consorts with the darkness!

Michael Patrick Hicks

3Q’s – Michael Patrick Hicks brings us a Massacre!

Christi Nogle

3Q’s – Christi Nogle doesn’t wanna be buried in a pet sematary!

Dave Jeffery

3Q’s – Dave Jeffery stands before the TRIBUNaL!

Carl John Lee

3Q’s – Carl John Lee invites you to visit his House!

Jeff Strand

3Q’s Special – Jeff Strand doesn’t care about accuracy!

Ruthann Jugge

3Q’s – Ruthann Jagge is seeking New Patients!

Eddie Generous

3Q’s – Eddie Generous Came From Space!

Sara Tantlinger

3Q’s – Sara Tantlinger weaves her own Dreamland!

Greg Chapman

3Q’s Special – Greg Chapman keeps it pretty drab!

Dan Soule

3Q’s – Dan Soule gets himself in a Jam!

Dan Coxon

3Q’s Special – Dan Coxon wants to Isolate you!

Kevin J. Kennedy

3Q’s – Kevin J. Kennedy – Horror Master!

Josh Malerman

3Q’s Special – Josh Malerman believes he can put it off!