KR – 300+

The Walking Son – Eddie Generous (5/5)

{Book Review} The Walking Son: Eddie Generous

Weed – Sarah L. Johnson (5/5)

{Book Review} Weed By Night: Sarah L. Johnson

Come With Me – Ronald Malfi (5/5)

{Book Review} Come With Me: Ronald Malfi

Only the Stains Remain – Ross Jeffery (5/5)

{Book Review} Only The Stains Remain: Ross Jeffery

Immortelle – Catherine McCarthy (4/5)

{Book Review} Immortelle: Catherine McCarthy

Dire Branches – Brian Fatah Steele (5/5)

{Book Review} Dire Branches: Brian Fatah Steele

Non-Practicing Cultist – Scott J. Moses (4/5)

{Book Review} Non-Practicing Cultist: Scott J. Moses

She Who Rules the Dead – Maria Abrams (5/5)

{Book Review} She Who Rules The Dead: Maria Abrams

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Placid Point – R.J. Meldrum (4/5)

{Book Review} Placid Point: R.J. Meldrum

Autotomy Cocktail – Zachary Ashford (5/5)

{Book Review} Autotomy Cocktail: Zachary Ashford

The SaMARITAN – Dave Jeffery (5/5)

{Book Review} The SaMARITAN: Dave Jeffery

The Forest Dreams With Teeth – Madison McSweeney (4/5)

{Book Review} The Forest Dreams With Teeth: Madison McSweeney

Rhitta Gawr – David Watkins (4/5)

{Book Review} Rhitta Gawr: David Watkins

Milk Kisses & Other Stories – Ross Jeffery (5/5)

{Book Review} Milk Kisses & Other Stories: Ross Jeffery

The Tunnel – Joseph Sale (5/5)

{Book Review & Interview} The Tunnel: Joseph Sale

Bigfoot in the Bronx – Hunter Shea (4/5)

{Book Review} Bigfoot In The Bronx: Hunter Shea

Bad Girl in the Box – Tim Curran (3/5)

{Book Review} Bad Girl In The Box: Tim Curran

Salvation Spring – T.C. Parker (3/5)

{Book Review} Salvation Spring: T.C. Parker

Entangled Soul & Other Stories – Chris Marrs & Gene O’Neill (4/5)

{Book Review} Entangled Soul & Other Stories: Chris Marrs & Gene O’Neill

The Opening – Tim McWhorter (5/5)

{Book Review} The Opening: Tim McWhorter

Before He Wakes – Mark Allan Gunnells (5/5)

{Book Review} Before He Wakes: Mark Allan Gunnells

Cursed – Ashley Lister (4/5)

{Book Review} Cursed: Ashley Lister

Early Retirement – Luke Ethan Knight (3.5/5)

{Book Review} Early Retirement: Luke Ethan Knight

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Shelter For the Damned – Mike Thorn (4/5)

{Book Review} Shelter For The Damned: Mike Thorn

Gulf – Shelly Campbell (5/5)

{Book Review} Gulf: Shelly Campbell

Godzilla vs Kong – Greg Keyes (4/5)

{Book Review} Godzilla Vs Kong: Greg Keyes

The Nothing That Is – Kyle Winkler (4/5)

{Book Review} The Nothing That Is: Kyle Winkler

Grind Your Bones to Dust – Nicholas Day (3/5)

{Book Review} Grind Your Bones To Dust: Nicholas Day

*Review #370 for Kendall Reviews!

Near the Bone – Christina Henry (4/5)

{Book Review} Near The Bone: Christina Henry

The Bell Witch – John F.D. Taff (4/5)

{Book Review} The Bell Witch: John F.D. Taff

The Bone Weaver’s Orchard – Sarah Read (4/5)

{Book Review} The Bone Weaver’s Orchard: Sarah Read

Farallon Island – Russell James (4/5)

{Book Review} Farallon Island: Russell James

Savage – Dan Soule (4/5)

{Book Review} Savage: Dan Soule

The Siren and the Specter – Jonathan Janz (4/5)

{Book Review} The Siren And The Specter: Jonathan Janz

On the Shoulders of Otava – Laura Mauro (4/5)

{Book Review} On The Shoulders Of Otava: Laura Mauro

Agents of Dreamland – Caitlin R. Kiernan (4/5)

{Book Review} Agents Of Dreamland: Caitlin R. Kiernan

Dear Laura – Gemma Amor (5/5)

{Book Review} Dear Laura: Gemma Amor

Nocturnal Blood – Villimey Mist (3.5/5)

{Book Review} Nocturnal Blood: Villimey Mist

His Own Devices – Douglas Wynne (5/5)

{Book Review} His Own Devices: Douglas Wynne

Twisted Anatomy – Edited by Sci-Fi & Scary (4/5)

{Book Review} Twisted Anatomy: Edited By Sci-Fi & Scary

Daughters of Darkness – Various (5/5)

{Book Review} Daughters Of Darkness: Various

Plain – DT Griffith (4/5)

{Book Review} Plain: David T. Griffith

Midnight In the Chapel of Love – Matthew R. Davis (4.5/5)

{Book Review} Midnight In The Chapel Love: Matthew R. Davis

Unearthed – Ashley Lister (4/5)

{Book Review} Unearthed – A Dark Tale From Innsmouth: Ashley Lister

The One That Got Away – Various Authors (4/5)

{Book Review} The One That Got Away: Various

Double Review: Sole Survivor and Sole Survivor II – Zachary Ashford (4/5)

{Book Review} Sole Survivor Parts 1 & 2: Zachary Ashford

Hayward’s Revenge – Cailyn Lloyd (4/5)

{Book Review} Hayward’s Revenge: Cailyn Lloyd

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Cathedral – Dave Jeffery (5/5)

{Book Review} Cathedral: Dave Jeffery

Your Frightful Spirit Stayed – Matthew Cash (3.5/5)

{Book Review} Your Frightful Spirit Stayed: Matthew Cash

The Wired City – Yolanda Sfetsos (5/5)

{Book Review} The Wired City: Yolanda Sfetsos

Fairest Flesh – K.P. Kulski (4/5)

{Book Review} Fairest Flesh: K.P. Kulski

Dark Hilarity – Joseph Sale (5/5)

{Book Review} Dark Hilarity: Joseph Sale

The Hobgoblin of Little Minds – Mark Matthews (4/5)

{Book Review} The Hobgoblin Of Little Minds: Mark Matthews

Black Site – Michael Patrick Hicks (4/5)

{Book Review} Black Site: Michael Patrick Hicks

Eight Cylinders – Jason Parent (5/5)

{Book Review} Eight Cylinders: Jason Parent

Charcoal Angels – Joe Zito (4/5)

{Book Review} Charcoal Angels: Joe Zito

The Hag Witch of Tripp Creek – Somer Canon (3.5/5)

{Book Review} The Hag Witch Of Tripp Creek: Somer Canon

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Tender is the Flesh – Agustina Bazterrica (3/5)

{Book Review} Tender Is The Flesh: Agustina Bazterrica

The Balance – Kev Harrison (4/5)

{Book Review} The Balance: Kev Harrison

Hellsworld Hotel – Matthew Vaughn (5/5)

{Book Review} Hellsworld Hotel: Matthew Vaughn

Whistling Past the Graveyard – Lex H. Jones (5/5)

{Book Review} Whistling Past The Graveyard: Lex H Jones

Unwelcome Spaces & Other Stories – A.S. MacKenzie (4/5)

{Book Review} Unwelcome Space & Other Stories: A.S. MacKenzie

Darkness Calls – D.T. Griffith (5/5)

{Book Review} Darkness Calls: D.T. Griffith

The Corn Witch – Christopher Beck (5/5)

{Book Review} The Corn Witch: Christopher Beck

Defeating the Black Worm – Paul Flewitt (5/5)

{Book Review} Defeating The Black Worm: Paul Flewitt

Fearless – Ashley Lister (2.5/5)

{Book Review} Fearless: Ashley Lister

The Gulp – Alan Baxter (5/5)

{Book Review} The Gulp: Alan Baxter

The Lamppost Huggers and Other Wretched Tales – Christopher Stanley (5/5)

{Book Review} The Lamppost Huggers and Other Wretched Tales: Christopher Stanley

Project Fear: Season One – Dale Robertson (4/5)

{Book Review} Project Fear – Season One: Dale Robertson

Come Closer – Sara Gran (4/5)

{Book Review} Come Closer: Sara Gran

The Messy Man – Chris Sorensen (4/5)

{Book Review} The Messy Man: Chris Sorensen

Distant Frequencies – Frank Duffy (4/5)

{Book Review} Distant Frequencies: Frank Duffy

The Ash – Dan Soule (5/5)

{Book Review} The Ash: Dan Soule

Foul Womb of Night: Three Novellas (4/5)

{Book Review} Foul Womb Of Night: Gustavo Bondoni, Elizabeth Donald & Adam Stemple

The Lupin Project – Allan Leverone (2/5)

{Book Review} The Lupin Project: Allan Leverone

The Wingspan of Severed Hands – Joanna Koch (5/5)

{Book Review} The Wingspan Of Severed Hands: Joanna Koch

Afterlife: Ghostland Book #2 – Duncan Ralston (5/5)

{Book Review} Afterlife – Ghostland 2.0: Duncan Ralston

*Review #320 featured on Kendall Reviews!

The Deadbox Archives – John F. Leonard (5/5)

{Book Review} The Dead Boxes Archive: John F. Leonard

The Cockroach King – Andrew Cull (5/5)

{Book Review} The Cockroach King: Andrew Cull

The Haunting of Hacket House – Astrid Addams (4/5)

{Book Review} The Haunting Of Hacket House: Astrid Adams

Cricket Hunters – Jeremy Hepler (4.5/5)

{Book Review} Cricket Hunters: Jeremy Hepler

Old Slosh & The Wind Chill Factor – Ryan Bevan (4/5)

{Book Review} Old Slosh & The Wind Chill Factor: Ryan Bevan

The Lost Girl & Spindleshanks – Alyson Faye (5/5)

{Book Review} The Lost Girl & Spindleshanks: Alyson Faye

The Bone Factory – Yolanda Sfetsos (3.5/5)

{Book Review} The Bone Factory: Yolanda Sfetsos

The Ultimate Dinosaur Dance-Off – Andrew J. Stone (4/5)

{Book Review} Ultimate Dinosaur Dance-Off: Andrew J. Stone

The Dark Side of the Room – Tyler Jones (3.5/5)

{Book Review} The Dark Side Of The Room: Tyler Jones

To Wallow In Ash & Other Sorrows – Sam Richard (5/5)

{Book Review} To Wallow In Ash & Other Sorrows: Sam Richard

The Blackening – Sean O’Connor (3.5/5)

{Book Review} The Blackening: Seán O’Connor

Blood and Rain – Glenn Rolfe (5/5)

{Book Review} Blood And Rain: Glenn Rolfe

Gwendy’s Magic Feather – Richard Chizmar (4/5)

{Book Review} Gwendy’s Magic Feather: Richard Chizmar

Hell Barn – Joe Zito (4/5)

{Book Review} Hell Barn: Joe Zito

Tome – Ross Jeffery (5/5)

{Book Review} Tome: Ross Jeffery

Haunted: Perron Manor – Lee Mountford (3/5)

{Book Review} Haunted – Perron Manor: Lee Mountford

Stranded – Bracken MacLeod (5/5)

{Book Review} Stranded: Bracken MacLeod

Cradleland of Parasites – Sara Tantlinger (5/5)

{Book Review} Cradleland Of Parasites: Sara Tantlinger

Greyfriars Reformatory – Frazer Lee (4/5)

{Book Review} Greyfriars Reformatory: Frazer Lee