Review Requests

I’ve had a few people message me about reviewing books for them.  If you follow me on any of my social media accounts, you know I’m a voracious reader.  I typically have no problem reviewing your release, but I can’t always guarantee when.  I’ll try my best to get it done before an upcoming release date if it’s an ARC.  If time is of the essence, I am also a member of the Kendall Reviews review team, and I suggest emailing Gavin at Kendall Reviews ( as there are other reviewers who may be able to slot it in asap.

I have adopted a review format – so your review will feature an introduction, what I liked, what I didn’t like, and why people should buy it!

As for my “specifics” if you will;

  • I only review digitally.  As an indie author myself I know the cost of sending out review copies.
  • Preferred format – mobi but will accept PDF.
  • 95% of my reviews will be submitted to Kendall Reviews for featuring.  Gavin does a fantastic job of promoting all things horror and has a much bigger scope/reach than I do.  I will be sharing the posts accordingly.  Occasionally I’ll post the review here if it doesn’t fit into Kendall Review’s chosen genres (the other 5%).
  • All of my reviews will be posted on Goodreads, (I’m Canadian, eh) and Bookbub if your book is on there.
  • If I am reviewing your work, I’ll do my best to support you as well.  I have a book buying budget each month (not big, but enough) and I’ll make sure to buy one of your other releases in the proceeding months!
  • You can contact me through here, DM on any of my social media accounts or email me directly;
  • Preferred genres – Horror and Sci-fi would be the top two, then Action/Thrillers.  I love autobiographies, sports, and have started to read some YA if it’s a bit post-apocalyptic-ish (think The 100).
  • What I won’t review – Romance would be about the only one I wouldn’t, but saying that, my review mandate is to help get some reviews done for people who struggle with getting reviews.  So message me and I’ll take a look at the synopsis and the goodreads/amazon pages and see how it’s looking.  I’m pretty easy going.
  • Triggers – none.


  • Last note – I do not get paid to review, nor will I accept any payment to bump your book up my TBR. I typically read between three and six books a week depending on length and engagement.  I read and review for the love of literature and for the love of promoting.  I am dead serious when I say that I want to see you succeed!  And reviews help with that!