Wound Upon Wound

Wound Upon Wound Cover

Hello. You may recall ‘Wound Upon Wound’ on this site at the start of 2020. It began as a serial novella where a new chapter was released every two weeks. I bumped it up to have a new chapter every week, Friday to be precise.

It stayed here for a month or so then I deleted it. I sent it to my buddy Ross, who kindly formatted it, and now, here it is, returning as a perma-freebie ebook.

For those who don’t know, here is the synopsis;

“What if it was your last day alive?

Would you try and do things you’d always wanted?

Or would you spend your day as you normally would, with friends and family, making new memories?

‘Wound Upon Wound’ is the collected serial novella from author Steve Stred. Available for the first time as a free digital release, this gathers every chapter that was posted on his site and combines them for you, the reader.

Telling the story of Ash on her final day, she goes about her day as normal. Her and her brother head to the pier, wanting to just hang out on a sunny, summer day. But her brother has something over his head. She knows somethings bothering him, but what?”

Below you’ll find two links. The first is for the Amazon US link. Amazon still has not made this book free across all of their sites yet. They will hopefully get that sorted at some point here soon. The second link is the universal book link that will give you a few other site options to download it for free. If neither of these work for you, please feel free to reach out and I can email you a copy. This was written purely as an enjoyable exercise for me, but also for something for everyone to read.



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