First Review up at Kendall Reviews!

Hey guys!  I think I have mentioned this before, if not apologies!

I have recently joined the fantastic review site Kendall Reviews as a contributing reviewer!

Today marks the first official review I submitted that was published!  Exciting to say the least!

So please, take a second, and see my thoughts on the collection Dreaming At The Top Of My Lungs by Israel Finn.





Free books a-coming!

So the release schedule still isn’t done!

On October 1st Yuri will arrive.  A brief synopsis would be that it is a haunted house tale with a twist that will make you feel a bit unsettled!

To celebrate this craziness of releases the rest of my work will be available on amazon for free as a thank you promo!

So make sure you mark these on your calendars!

Sept 24th – Jane: the 816 Chronicles is free!

Sept 25th – Invisible is free!

Sept 26th – Frostbitten: 12 Hymns of Misery is free!

Sept 27th – Left Hand Path: 13 More Tales of Black Magick is free!

Sept 28th – Wagon Buddy is free!

I hope you check them all out!

And watch for some promo’s in October for Yuri and my other releases!



1 Week to go!


Hey all!  1 week to go until Wagon Buddy comes out!  (Technically next Saturday, but I do all my blogging Monday to Friday 🙂 ).

Very excited for this release.  I believe I have released quality content and compelling stories over the course of my short literary ‘career’, but Wagon Buddy, I believe, is a step up.  I believe the release after – Yuri, is the same.  My hope for these two novellas is that it increases my profile in the Dark Horror World!

There’s a few folks I for sure need to thank for my continued improvement and for a more polished professional product.

  • author JZ Foster.  I consider JZ to be a friend.  Since I first messaged him to say I was enjoying one of his books, we have stayed in touch and now chat daily.  He kindly formatted my releases to make them a more polished product.  I almost cried when I saw the Left Hand Path release.  I had done everything on my own (minus covers) prior and to see it look like a real published release was overwhelming.  Thank you so much man!
  • author Justin Woodward.  I also consider Justin a friend.  Same ideas here, where I messaged him over on twitter and we began conversing.  Really great guy and a fantastic author.  Justin has given me great feedback over the short time we have been friends and seeing his thought process has been great.
  • Mason McDonald.  Another friend.  He crushed the covers for Left Hand Path and for Yuri and Wagon Buddy.  Really appreciate it man, and I can’t wait for the world to see the terrors you will be releasing soon!
  • My Street Team (Jodi, Amanda, Toni and Mason).  You all have been instrumental with feedback (good and bad) and I always appreciate hearing your thoughts!  (Boy do I have dark stuff coming for you haha!)
  • Lastly – David Sodergren.  Boy have you been fantastic mate.  David helped edit Frostbitten, Yuri and Wagon Buddy.  He took a fine tooth comb through the releases and really crushed it.  I wish I would have been able to get him to do Left Hand Path, as now from some of his notes, I see little mistakes I did in that release.  As an indie author you frequently live and learn.  I seriously can’t thank you enough man!

So for Wagon Buddy the pre-release orders for the ebooks are up and the physical copy orders should be live hopefully in the next day or two!

I will give you the ole Yuri update next week after launch, but look for a few contests coming up for Wagon Buddy!


September Release #2!


Hey all!  Sorry for the radio silence during the release of Frostbitten: 12 Hymns of Misery here on the blog.

Truth is, I only use the blog when I am at work.  I have the tab saved on my computer and I find this site doesn’t load that well on my phone 🙂

So apologies!  But September 1st saw the release of Frostbitten, and man alive, the support has been amazing.  Very cool of everyone who has picked one up!

But I am not done yet for September!

On the 15th, Wagon Buddy is coming out!

Kindle pre-orders are now up and running!

A few things #2

Hey, me again, sorry for another email today!


Just wanted to let you know – I have added another free short story to my page.  Edge of the Woods is a coming-of-age tale of a few friends enjoying tether ball at school. But something lurks just beyond the Edge of the Woods.




A few things!

Ok folks, I have a few things to update you all on!

#1 – I recently did a new interview over with the swell folks at Sci-Fi & Scary!

#2 – One week until the release of Frostbitten: 12 Hymns of Misery.  If you have pre-ordered the ebook, let me know and I will email you an ebook copy of Invisible as a thank you!

#3 – I will be releasing the last synopsis’ of the stories from Frostbitten over the next few days.

#4 – I still have an instagram contest for a copy of Left Hand Path going!  Go check it out!