Book Review: Exit Strategy by Martha Wells

exit strategy

Title: Exit Strategy (The Murderbot Diaries #4)

Author: Martha Wells

Release Date: October 2, 2018

Murderbot is back in the fourth installment of Martha Wells loved ‘The Murderbot Diaries Series.’ After the first three books in the series, I was intrigued with where our SecUnit was going to end up following the end of the third book. Knowing I still have two more to go after this, as well as more announced, there was always the worry about plot running thin, but ‘Exit Strategy’ ramps up the action as Murderbot goes in search of Dr. Mensah.

What I liked: With GrayCris Corporation seemingly holding Dr. Mensah hostage, the book revolves around Murderbot trying to come to terms with the reality that they care. This has been a plot point that began in book one and travels with our augmented killing machine through the next two, but it is in Book Four that they really face this truth and try to figure out how to accept it.

Wells continues to infuse a lot of snark and sarcasm in our main character, who would rather be watching downloaded TV series than actually interacting with humans, but it’s within this sarcasm that Murderbot has a lot of their revelations. When they make a snarky comment and then realize that they didn’t actually mean it and wished they could take it back. The evolution of our SecUnit has been the most enjoyable aspect for me reading the first four books so far.

The majority of the story focuses around rescuing Dr. Mensah, and because of this we get A LOT of action sequences, which were all really well done. I’ve found that Wells ability to craft these scenes without overly describing them is masterful and her use of numbering events or bullet pointing actions really lets the ready know everything that is going on, especially as the story is told through Murderbots POV.

What I didn’t like: I think I would’ve liked to know a bit more about the events that resulted in Dr. Mensah being captured. Ping-Lee describes it and we get some hints about it, and maybe we learn more in the next few books (especially as Book Five is a full blown novel), but I felt like there was a piece missing.

Why you should buy this: Look, if you’ve made it through the first three books, you’ll want to keep going. Well Book Three was a bit of a tiny dip, this one ramps right back up and was a rampaging blast as Murderbot goes in search of the one human they realize they really do care about.

This was a ton of fun!


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